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About writing with me:


- I adore long replies. 900-1500 words is how much I usually write with most of my partners, so no one-liners, please. I ask that you are always able write at least 1 paragraph in reply to what I write.


- Use punctuation, proper grammar, capitalisation, etc. It makes the text that much easier and more pleasant to read, and if the text is difficult/unpleasant (or outright painful) to read, I'll probably want to drop the RP sooner rather than later. Mistakes here and there are fine though, we all make them.


- It might take time for me to answer sometimes. If I don't answer within about 4-5 days without prior notice, feel free to ask me about it - a shorter time than that, please be patient :)


- If you want to drop our RP, tell me about it! I know it can be awkward, but believe me I'll be much more disappointed if you just never answer again. Also, if you're going to take longer than a week to answer, I'd appreciate it if you notified me about it. This isn't necessary however, but like I said, it would be appreciated.


- And lastly, even though this should be an obvious thing, do not godmod. I'll drop our thread if you continuously godmod my characters.

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