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Nicholi's Roleplaying Rules~

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Welcome to my "Roleplay Ideas"




Please note that I do have some requirements that have to be met while roleplaying with me. I take this very seriously as I have been left with disappointment with most of my roleplays (Save for a few wonderful roleplayers). If and when you find a roleplay idea that you wish to try out, send me a message and let me know which idea you want to talk about.




  • I tend to throw plot twists into roleplays at any given time, if and when a twist is posted and something doesnt settle right with you. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO MESSAGE ME ABOUT IT!!! Then I will fix it.
  • If you are interested in a roleplay, and we start it. Please don't disappear without pming me the reason, from either lack of interest afterwards. Or if you are going off on hiatus. It is only polite. I have had quite a few rp's in this site go down the drain due to people disappearing. (I doubt people will even read this part anyways)
  • For the love of cheesecake, help add to the story. Dont just let me have the reigns alone. Just because I throw a lot of twists into roleplays to keep it going, does not mean that you cant throw in your own twists!!!



  • Parapost - You must be able to post in paragraphs (Min. 1 paragraph per post)
  • Give me something to work with. One liners will be ignored.
  • USE YOUR IMAGINATION! - I am a roleplayer that plays in a heavy fantasy realm. I do not mind explaining from the beginning on what each roleplay can consist of. But do let your imagination take ahold of you to help us write a wonderful story.
  • Plot Driven/Story Driven - I do not do one shot roleplays. Sex is wonderful and all, But if you are able to create a story that leads up to sex and also be able to continue on after the juicy details. Then that makes for an intriguing story.
  • I know that my grammar is not the worlds best, but I try to at least make my sentences understandable to my partners. I expect you do to the same for me.

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