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kinds of my poetry

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In the beginning was the Word


In the beginning was the Word

And the Word was Good

And all Spoke the Word

And the Word was Love

And all Loved the Word.


In the beginning was the Word

And the Word became Days

And Days to Life

And Life to Poetry.



The End?


There's always it,

The rules, the laws, and the war.

But what happens near the end? I wondered,

As I looked down at the chess board.

At the end of the game, there is one successor.

In the end of the game, only one victor.

But it's much more deeper than that,

So let's take a look as we put the pieces back:

- - -

"At the end of the game,

The king and the pawns goes back

into the same box."



Right to kill


Is it right to take a life?

To slash a throat with a knife.

Is it wrong to kill just for fun?

To blow someone away with a gun.

Gotta keep silent about this...

This is a big secret I must not spill.

But I have always know that...

I've got the right to kill.



Kill Me song♪♪


Sleepy, sleepy lullaby

I'm ready, ready, time to die

Kill me, kill me

In my sleep

Run your tallons

Real, real deep

Take me please

I ask real nice

Please kill me, kill me

Gouge my eyes

Choke me, scratch me

Pull my hair

Cut me open, blood everywhere

I’ll ask again

Real, real nice

Please kill me

In my sleep tonight





I can feel them putting the evil in my veins

I can't fight back they've got me in chains

The demons swimming through my blood

I try to wake up so I can run

They tell me to be quiet and stay calm

But I'm ready to explode like a bomb

Help me

Help me

There's a devil within

The evil needs to be let out

You see me in pain and you grin

Help me

Help me

I once was sane

Please let me go back to those normal days





I feel safer in the silence.

I feel safer in the darkness.

I feel safer with the monsters.

I feel safer in the abyss.


In the shadows I have hidden

all the secrets I've been given--

all the secrets that I made

trying to tuck a life away.


You want to kill them with the sunshine,

but I only dance in moonlight.

I stay hidden beneath the stars

because all my scars

are wounds I got in plain sight.


So take me to the dark side--

it's much safer than your harsh light.

this is what make's me happy.



The Grasp of Darkness


It holds you within its clutches

Embraces you in the veil, shrouded in shadows

It whispers sinister sayings in your ear

It stands in your corner, following you wherever you go

Invades your mind with dark thoughts

Controls your actions to where you lash out

The darkness is turning you into what it is, to take its place

You become darkness



The world Inside of the Teacup!.


I want some nice,

fragrant tea.


Even though I'm poor,

I should be able to have tea

like a princess just once.


If I want jam. I have to

spend all day picking

raspberries in the forest.


But when drinking tea,

whether in my house

or the king's chamber,

a hot scone is best.


look, look, a typhoon

is forming in the teacup.


And outside the teacup, too.


There's definitely a world

...outside the teacup!..



The End


The problem is

He continues to write

His love to the world

With grey shades

And let me read

A piece of his

Finished writing

—His love for me

In red blood ink

That turned into toxin

For my sight

And I keep reading

What he wrote

Until I bawl

Even when I knew

The story has ended



ps: woah.. so many word came to end of my day

and good night sleep tight my dear prince

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