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Índigo Poetry


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Poems related to the Oracle's Cards


Nyan =^.^=

Somewhere Only We Know


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I broke the rules

I created our hideout

A place that belong only to us

For a love with no rest


I broke the rules

When I fall in love

I run for thousand miles

For a world that I invented

I just smiled

And everything lightened up


Let’s ride in the wings of time

With no rush to come back

We won’t forget the blessed days

Not even the warm of our arms


I broke the rules

When I let myself get hurt

For fake dreams

Broken hearts dries with time

Some are brutally dissected with the fingers

But here we are protected

Inside of our maze

Of our secret hideout



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Nyan =^.^=

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Below The Make-Up


[table=width: 700, align: Center]



Below this make-up there is a woman

As fragile as a flower

And so strong to endure this pain


Below this beautiful smile there is muffled yells


All stuck in the throat


Below this pink blush there is a purple hematoma

Scars from the past

And a disturbed present


Below this neckline that sensualizes her breast

It's a heart that loves, that adores

A heart that suffers and forgives in the same time


Below the make-up that contrast her beautiful green eyes

Are trapped tears

Tears of an unprotected woman who don't give up to fight


Below the red lipstick that shows confidence

There is a sad memory of those pretty and delicate lips

Totally swollen


Below this dress that enrich her curves

There are marks of a fight

Marks from a brute violence


Inside this woman who calls attention

Exists a woman who was beaten

And so foolish she still loves

The man that hazes and abuses

The prince who turned into a monster

The man that hurt her face


Below the make-up is fear and terror

Unfortunately below this land its another woman in black

Another lost soul

Unfortunately one more victim



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Nyan =^.^=

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