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pkmn's rules

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2 liner responces are fine



-No scat

-No vomit

-No watersports

-No death

-No gore

-No forms of worship

-Any other kinks: i really like being a slave for a master that wont abuse me.

Characters -

-No Gary Sues

-No Mary Sues

-No powergaming (its just not fair)

-No metagaming ( mind readers )

-No boring things


Preferred Scenes / Pairings -

romantic couple



Master-Sex Slave


Preferred RP Genres -




Seme x Uke


Disliked RP Genres -

Horror ( Don't know how to do it is all )

Any time period ( Where there are elements of all sorts of time periods, such as phones or machines in Medieval when it isn't Steampunk )


Preferred Position -



Disliked Elements of RP -

Changing overnight ( My character or your character becoming a dream boy overnight. They will slowly start to like each other unless it is agreed to do love at first sight )

Overly cruel characters

no plot


might post more.

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