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クローバー (Clover)

Clover's Rules

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クローバー (Clover)

Here are some rules that I would like all of my RP partners to follow:


1) Keep me posted on any RL things that affect your activity. When discussing RP details with me via PM, I'd like for you to tell me when your school/work day is done for future reference. Also, in the event that something more sudden comes up, please PM me as soon as possible.

2) When posting for the RP, please use proper grammar and spelling. This should be a no-brainer.

3) No one-liners please. They're annoying and give me little to nothing to work with.

4) No ultra long posts either, please (first posts are excluded from this rule). I understand that some of you like to post a novel's worth of text in your posts, but unfortunately, not everybody sees it as a good thing. I find huge walls of text to be overwhelming, so please use common sense when determining how long your posts are. The most I can handle is 3 paragraphs.

5) If you want to stop, just tell me. Don't just cut it off when my back is turned. If you aren't having fun, just tell me, and I'll understand.

6) Have fun!

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