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|WW|'s Rules for Play

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Please read

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and at least be aware of them.



My Rules are as follows:



Do -Not- be a Grammar Nazi with me. Everyone has their own style. Respect Mine. :]

Typo's will happen, even if you spell check. Auto-correct can be evil. -_-

If your native language is not English-

please let me know ahead of time so I don't assume you know perfect English.

No one does honestly. Heh.


I accept patient partners Only. If you expect multiple replies every day;

I may -not- be your ideal partner.

[i work a lot. But I do my best to be online every day]

Worst case scenario you'll have to wait 3 days.

Do NOT write me over and over asking for a reply.

That will only make me delay intentionally.


I post one full paragraph at the least. I can go up to six,

seven or more if the mood strikes me.

I expect full sentences, paragraphs and even periods ending them!

I also expect my partners to post at least one paragraph as well. No one-liners.


Good communication is a must. I want to make sure our RP runs smoothly.

If you have issues; tell me in PMs. I do not take kindly to disappearances.

It takes five minutes to say you'll be busy; please be honest with me.

I have mountains of patience for RL drama; it happens to us all.


Please, do not be immature or angry if I don't wish to play with you.

It's nothing personal at all. Role-play for me has moods. Likes and dislikes.

That's just how it is.


No Godmodding, No Mind Control & No Major Plot changes without Prior Consent.



For the most part I'm pretty laid back.

I do the best I can and I only ask the same of you.


If you would like to Read more about my RP,

feel free to stop by my profile and check out my

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