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(18+) Cherished Thorns

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Cherished Thorns


Sometimes we are lined up with a destiny with which we will never be able to comprehend. Royalty. Hate. Fame. Love. Our blood that courses through our bodies may be the key to unlocking the truth behind our true identity. A hand may be needed to guide us through the thorn bushes blocking the path we must walk. Neglecting this hand may be our first reaction. Once we face the fact that this hand is the only thing we need to overcome the battle before our eyes, we may never be able to let it go.


Chapter One: Watchful Eyes


Rain fell from the sky, like the heavens were mourning the loss of innocence. The night sky looked as if had been covered with a blanket of grey. Light from the city bounced off of the clouds, causing a haunting glow to form on the horizon. Sirens ring in the far distance. Sloshy footsteps creep down the streets, some even stop for a brief moment then pick back up in a hurried pace. A lonely cat sits in an open window, watching the movement below as if it wanted to jump down and join. Behind it, voices whispering things of an unknown nature can be heard. Somewhere nearby, the sound of a childs cry echos. Music blares out of a passing car. Every so often, a cough can be heard.


A woman wanders down the hallway of her apartment building. Soaking wet from head to toe, dressed in black, the woman digs into her pocket in hopes of finding her keys. She stops in front of a door with the numbers 721 on it. Finally finding her keys, she pulls them out, causing them to jingle as she places one into the doorknob. Fighting with it for a few moments, the door finally opens. Walking inside, she takes a few step before turning and slamming the door shut. She runs her hands along the wall, feeling for the light switch. Once found, the light is flicked on. An empty room appears before her. Standing in the middle of the room, the woman crosses her arms and smiles.


"Finally, a place to offically call home."


She walks into the kitchen, pulling a shot glass out of the cabinet above her head. Setting it on the counter, she turns around to the frigdge behind her, opening the freezer and grabs a chilled bottle of vodka. She slowly pours the clear liquid into the glass, careful not to over fill it. She places the bottle back into the freezer. Picking up the glass, the woman slowly walks into the empty room, which will look like a livingroom once the furniture arrives. She opens the window and sits in it, letting the cool, moist air brush against her face. Taking the glass and putting it against her bottom lip, she closes her eyes, tips the glass back and lets the alcohol enter her mouth. Letting it sit on her tongue briefly, she slowly swallows it. The woman opens her eyes and sets the shot glass onto the floor by her feet. She turns her eyes to the outside world. Looking at the lights in the windows that dot the building across the street, she lets her mind wonder what each room behind those windows hide. She looks up at the sky, then down to the street.


The woman gets a chill that runs throughout her entire body. Panic fills her soul. Never feeling this intense, uncomfortable feeling before, she hops up and quickly tries to shut the window. But it is locked in place.


"What the fuck?", she mumbles to herself. "Close dammit!"


In an instant, before she could blink, a dark figure is crouched in her window. She freezes up, unable to move an inch as fear paralizes her in place. The dark figure steps down from the window, and stands before her. The woman looks into the face of the person who has placed her in this state. Their skin was a pale as the moonlight on a warm summer's eve. Long, black silky hair fell gracefully from their head, blowing ever so slightly from the air passing through the window. Their lips looked soft and supple, with a slight smile creeping across them. A broad, perfectly place nose centered in the middle of their face lead up to a set of almond shaped eyes. There was a dark red tint that colored these eyes, halfway covered by a set of long, dark lashes. The woman stared into these eyes, and felt a overpowering presece inside her heart. She felt her body become limp and passed out.

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Chapter Two: Dazed


The woman woke up a few hours later. With a head full of fog, she couldn't focus her eyes well enough to look around the room. Her head began to throb. She felt the floor underneath her, and noticed that she was lying on something. Trying to move herself enough to pull it out from under her, a pair of legs stood over her. The woman froze up.


"Looks like you have finally awakened......Silvia", a voice says above her.


She looks up and squints her eyes, being able to see that the voice came from the same person who she encountered earlier. Opening her mouth, she forces herself to speak, even though her mouth was a dry as the Mojave desert.


"H-how do you know my name? Who are you?"


The person standing over her bends down, placing a hand on her soft cheek.


"I know your name because I have been searching for you. I am your Watcher." They pause for a moment, then speak again. "My name is Nicholas DeAngelo."


He removes his hand from Silvia's cheek, places it under her and picks her up off the floor. Silvia tries to push herself away from Nicholas, but she has not an ounce of strength in her. He places his other hand into his pocket and fishes out a small vile containing a glittery, golden liquid. She sees the vile in his hand, and prays in her head, hoping that whatever was in that vile wasn't meant for her. Nicholas notices the look in her eyes, and pouts his lips. Popping the cork off the top, he places the vile to her mouth.


"Look at me Silvia."


Silvia tries to fight the urge brewing inside her to look at him, but fails. Her eyes trace up to his, locking on to them.




She takes the vile from him, and downs the liquid inside. Dropping the glass vile onto the floor, it shatters on impact and vanishes in a instant. Nicholas smiles at her. Silvia looks back up at him, as the golden fluid began coursing through her, heating up as her blood flow pushed it throughout her entire system. Sweat began exiting her pores. She felt her head begin to spin, causing her to close her eyes and wrap her arms around Nicholas's chest. Squeezing him tight, tears begin to roll down her face.


"What's happening to me?! Nicholas! Please!"


He holds her close, burying her face into his chest. Silvia digs her nails into Nicholas's back, as her skin begins to glow bright red. Ripping through her flesh, thorns of bone purtruded outward from her wrists and shoulders, causing her to cry out in pain. The thorns pierce Nicholas, drawing blood. He tightened his grip on Silvia, paying no mind to his wounds. Nicholas looks at his hands as claws grow out of his finger tips. Tearing at the back of her shirt, wings began to break through Silvia's skin on her back. A blood curdling scream escapes her throat, as a beautiful set of crow black wings burst out of her body. They stretch out towards the ceiling, and Nicholas stares at them with amazement. The wings gently fold down, and Silvia begins to cry in his arms.


"Silvia. It's alright. It's over now."


Nicholas wipes the tears away from her eyes, and kisses her forehead. He hunches over, reaches behind her legs and lifts her in his arms. Silvia looks down at her wrists, then up at Nicholas without speaking a word. He walks her to the bathroom, setting her on the counter in front of the mirror. He reaches over and turns the light, allowing Silvia to see her reflection. She sees herself and begins to stroke the thorns on her shoulders. Moving her auburn hair to her left, the tops of her wings can be seen. Nicholas takes her hand and moves it towards her back. She feels the smooth feathers, taking the time to touch them from top to bottom. Suddenly something in the mirror draws Silvia's attention back to her reflection. She leans in close, opening her eyes wide. The once green color that painted her eyes was replaced by silver. Silvia places her head against the mirrior, confused.

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Chapter Three: True Answers


Nicholas stands behind Silvia and places a hand on the back of her neck. She shivers at the coldness of his touch. He cocks his head, trying to see her face reflected in the mirror. He takes his free hand, grabs her chin and lifts her head away from the mirror. A flash of rage fills Silvia. She pushes Nicholas's hand away from her face, jumps off the counter and slams him against the wall. Pressing her arm against his chest, the thorns on her wrist begin digging into his skin. He grunts at her, causing her to press harder.


"Tell me something, Nicholas", Silvia says in a stern tone of voice. "What the fuck happened to me? One moment you appear in my window, scaring me damn near to death. Then the next thing I know, you have me drink some shit that turns me into THIS! I want answers and I want them fucking now!"


A smirk of cockiness shows on Nicholas's face. Silvia grabs his shirt, turn him around and slams his face into the wall. He laughs at her, flashing his fangs in his grin. She sees this and lets him go. She walks out of the bathroom and down the hall to her bedroom, where she falls to her kness in the middle of the room. Looking at her arms, Silvia tries to pull the thorns out, but fails. Nicholas walks up and stands in the doorway.


"You are stronger than I thought you would be."


Silvia looks over her shoulder and glares at him.


"I have been carring that vile for 500 years, waiting for the day of Awakening. You carry a special bloodline inside of you, Silvia."


Nicholas slowly walks over to her and sits behind her, placing his legs on each side of her. He wraps his arms around her and takes her hands into his. Silvia wants to let go, but a strange feeling of comfort fills her heart. She lets out a heavy sigh instead.


"The blood that flows through you is a mix of angel and vampire. The serum you drank is called the Eye of Grendal. It was the soul of the first angel-vampire offspring."


Silvia places a hand to her stomach, freaked out to learn that what she drank was a soul. Nicholas lays his head on hers, and continues to talk.


"Her name was Grendal. She was born 1,000 years before you. Her mother, Arosia, was an angel. And her father, Desmond, a vampire. Arosia and Desmond fell in love when Arosia was sent here to Earth to keep an eye on the vampire population. She was a warrior, who had slain many vampires before actually falling in love with one. They had Grendal a year after Arosia was banished from Heaven. But then one day, the vampires learned of this child and decided to hunt it down. Desmond and Arosia had no idea this was happening. They were caught of guard, and were attacked by 200 vampires. Arosia tried her best to protect her child, but was killed. Desmond tried to flee with the child, but was followed. He fought off most of the vampires, but while he was fighting, Grendal had her throat slit behind his back. He killed the one who did this, and the few that remained ran off. Desmond held his dying daughter, he used a forbidden vampire technique which took Grendal's soul out of her body and into the vile."


Silvia turned to Nicholas. Her face held the look of shock on it. He placed a finger on her soft, supple lips and smiled.


"Since your blood contains some of the same blood as Grendal's, drinking her soul purifies your blood, making it as pure as hers. Your transformation is a sign that it worked. My job as a Watcher is to make sure that the soul is safe, until it is consumed by the Incarnate, which is you. There were many Watchers, like me at one time. But over the centries, they were slaughtered by either angels or vampires, both sides wanting the same thing: to destroy the soul. We Watchers are like the Knights Templar. Sworn to protect something that many would love to see its existance ended. I am YOUR Watcher. I will give my life to protect you from harm."


The look in Nicholas's eyes had nothing but truth gleaming in them. Silvia knew that he was being honest with her. Sadness came over her. She didn't want to have this blood inside her veins. She also didn't want to have someone, for whom she barely met, protecting her. Nicholas sensed her distress and leaned in and kissed her.

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Chapter Four: Cold Touch


Silvia felt the coolness of Nicholas's lips, and pulled her face away from his. She licked her lips, hoping to rid them of the cold. He watched her tongue, with a hunger in his eyes. Silvia saw this and turned away from him, blushing.


"I see that look in your eye. Don't look at me in that way, you perv."


She stands up off the floor, stretching her arms and legs. The bottom of the wings brush against the back of her thighs, which begins to irritate her. Sneaking up behind her, Nicholas gently caresses Silvia's hair. She moves her head side to side, trying to get him to stop. He leans in close to her ear.


"All you need to do is relax. Focus on something other than yourself. This will cause your thorns and wings to retract back into your body. It won't hurt, so don't worry. Relax for me, will you?"


Silvia listens to his voice, letting the sound echo in her mind. Nicholas spins her around and holds her close. She lets herself melt into his embrace, focusing on his every movement. Reaching up to his hair, she runs her hands through it, paying close attention to how smooth and soft each strand is. He closely watches her face, admiring her beauty. Silvia removes her fingers from Nicholas's hair and begins to trace his jawline with a finger, then moves up the side of his cheek and across the forehead, then down the bridge of his nose. His smooth skin is cold to the touch, yet an almost warm glow appears to radiate from her touch. Silvia stops and scans her body, noticing that she is back to normal. Nicholas holds her hands and gives them a kiss.


"Thank you, Nicholas."


He gives her hands a gentle squeeze. Silvia leans in to kiss Nicholas on the cheek, but he turns his face to catch the kiss on his lips. She blushes, but does not bring herself to backing away from him. Nicholas places a hand behind her head, pressing their lips into each others. She closes her eyes as their mouths open, playfully teasing each others tongues. Silvia rubs her tongue against one of his fangs. It pricks her tongue, and blood begins to slowly flow out. Nicholas tastes her blood and begins to suck on her tongue. Her body begins to heat up, as the blood is sucked out of her. Her own set of fangs grow inside her mouth. Pulling her tongue away, she bites Nicholas's lower lip, peircing it with both fangs. He lets out a moan, digging his fingers into the back of Silvia's head. Tasting his blood brings an animal-like state up from deep inside her. She begins to run her hands up his shirt, feeling the muscle contours hidden underneath the cold flesh. Nicholas slides his hands up and down her arms. Silvia lifts his shirt over his head, throwing it against the wall. He grabs her and walks her over to the wall, tearing open her already tattered blouse. He looks at her exposed breasts. Full and perky, they look as if Michaelangelo sculpted them out of the finest clay. He licks her neck, slowly moving down to her chest. Silvia smiles devilishly, gripping his head as Nicholas runs his tongue over her nipples. He rubs his fangs against one, and bites down enough to draw blood. She lets a moan escape her throat, pulling on his hair as he sucks on her.


Suddenly the window in the livingroom explodes, causing Nicholas to instantly jump up. He sniffs the air and bares his fangs, growling at the scent that fills his nostrals. Silvia grabs the shirt on the floor, next her foot, and throws it on.


"Nicholas?! What the hell was that?!"


His eyes are locked on the doorway, like an animal watching its prey.


"Looks like we have a visitor. I knew this was gonna happen eventually, but I didn't expect it to be so soon."


In an flash, Nicholas was out of the room. Silvia stood there for a moment, afraid of what was happening. She wasn't sure if she should stay where she was at, or follow him. Her heart began to race in her chest, as a feeling of panic took ahold of her. She felt the thorns creeping out from under her skin, tearing through the shirt. She hunched over, as her wings began to pop out. With this happening, Silvia decided to go out to other room and face what was there. She runs out and down the hallway. As she turns the corner to the livingroom, she stops in her tracks. Nicholas was standing face to face with another man. The intruder was tall, well over six feet. His skin was a shade of light grey, like death touched and drained him. His hair was dark red, almost maroon, with wavy locks that hung down just past his ears. The nose on his face was pointy and slighty crooked, with a set of thin lips below. His eyes were dark and lifeless. Another vampire. The strange vampire broke his stare at Nicholas, and gazed over at Silvia, licking his fangs and smiling.

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WoW.. This is my first time trying to read something out randomly. To make more astonishing, I was caught in it extremely. I couldn't even move an inch until I've read it all at once.

To be honest, I'm not a critic and I told you that, but seriously your writing has a sense which catches the reader until the point where you get dragged into the story to feel it lively!!

I'll be waiting for your next chapters.. Keep it up ^w^


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Chapter Five: Death Wish


"So, the Incarnate is really here. And with a shitty excuse for a vampire. Nicholas, aren't you going to introduce her to me? Don't be rude."


Nicholas grabs the vampire by the throat, digging his claws into him. The vampire punches Nicholas in the chin, knocking him back and onto the floor. Silvia sees this and tries to run over to help him. The vampire snickers, and is in her face before she even has the chance to see him move. He slaps her across the face, sending her sliding across the wooden floor. He walks over to her and picks her up by the hair. Silvia tries to claw and kick herself free from his grasp, as he drags her towards Nicholas. Pulling her up to her knees, the vampire holds her face in front of Nicholas's.


"My, my.......such a pretty face. I think it will look much prettier once I rip it to shreds. Don't you agree?"


Nicholas growls at him, then takes a swing at the vampire's head. It catches him, causing him to loosen his grip on Silvia. She turns to him and slices his face open with the thorns on her right wrist. The vampire falls back, holding his face as blood drips down his arm.


"You fucking bitch!" the vampire screams at her. "You're fucking dead!"


Nicholas jumps up and helps Silvia get to her feet. Silva flings the blood off her thorns, splattering it onto the wall. The vampire crawls towards Nicholas, only to be caught in the chest by a swift kick from Silva. He falls back and grabs her leg as he falls back onto the floor. He smiles at her as he rips her leg open. Silvia lets out a cry of pain. She looks at him and swings at his face again but he moves his head, causing her to miss. The vampire grabs her arm and twists it behind her. He places his other hand on her chest, rubbing it as Silvia twists and turns her body.


"Get your fucking hand off my chest" Silvia snarls at him.


"Oh I'm gonna do more than just lay my hand on your chest, bitch'"


The vampire begins to slowly scratch at her chest, tearing away her skin. The scratches start to ooze blood, slowly dripping down Silvia's breasts. The vampire smiles at the sight of her blood leaving her body. He stops and takes a finger to his lips and licks it. Silvia throws her head back and hits the vampire in the nose. He growls and shoves her away from him. Nicholas runs up to him in a flash, picking him up off the floor by the neck.


"You have made a grave mistake by coming here after her."


Nicholas squeezes the vampire's throat, digging his claws into his flesh. The vampire tries to laugh while choking on his own blood. Nicholas takes his other hand and rips open the vampire's chest. Blood and internal organs fall out of the vampire, spilling onto the floor. Silvia makes a look of disgust, watching her floor being covered in such a mess. Nicholas throws the vampire carcass down, as it begins to disintegrate into ash and bone. He lets out a growl, causing Silvia to grab his arm.


"I must get you out of this place. I'm sure there will be others who have followed him here."


Silvia looks Nicholas in the eyes as sadness covers her face. He runs his hand against her hair. She leans into his hand.


"I know, you just moved in here, but it is not safe. I know of a place where they won't find you. Trust me on this, Silvia."


Silvia looks down at the floor and nods.


"Ok. I trust you know what you are doing."


Nicholas wraps his arms around her. He arches his back, allowing a set of crimson red wings to appear from his back. Silvia looks at them with astonishment. Nicholas runs towards the window, protecting Silvia's body with his arms and smashes through the glass.

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