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Heavyarms03 want to play characters

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I love Original Characters- that being said I also love Fandoms - I write Fanfiction or try to and I have a couple of stories I am working on.

I will post some Original Characters (OCs) but for now, I really want a Fandom going.


One Piece -

Zoro x Sanji (I really like to play Zoro)

Kid x Law (either I love them both)

With one piece I will also pair up Zoro, Law or Kid with an OC if so desired -

Would also prefer to take place in the New World - but can work with Grand Line.


OCs will come in time.

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Name: Korben Glades

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Position: uke

Race: human

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 167 pounds

Eyes: ash gray

Hair: dark brown nearly black


Description: Athletic lean, and a bit on the shorter side for most men his age, Korben still cuts an impressive figure by being unimpressive. Long sleeved sweaters in light shades hide the wire like muscles in his arms and torso, while slacks in darker colors hind his legs, his shoes very from tennis shoes to boots. His facial features are smooth, not a handsome face, but an average one, with the lack of facial hair, thin pale lips, lowered cheek bones, his nose is the only thing off from his otherwise unimaginative face, it was broken at some point and the bridge near his eyes there is an indentation showing where it wasn’t set correctly. His dark hair is kept at shoulder blade length, clean and back in a single band low pony tail, though it lacks in real body like a woman’s fluff. His dexterous hands are the tool of his trade in his small café. Coffees and snacks are provided for the patrons of his establishment, all made by Korben personally. Sweets and small sandwiches are his complements to his coffees. His smile can also be described as sweet and caring by the patrons of his small shop, though behind the unimaginative features of his lurks something far more dangerous.


He’s a Sociopath.

Controlled, planning and thinking, his front is just that of the social norm, a friendly coffee shop owner with everything in place, neat and tidy.

He kills with practiced hands, junkies, drug traffickers, rapists, gangsters, if one has broken the law in some way and the police cannot get a solid hold on them he will. He could take days, or weeks to gather the information he wants, and often it’s not in a pleasant chit chat.

His crime scenes are clean, near spotless from blood or fibers. He often leaves pictures with no prints other than the one that is already dead, of their crimes, and on a couple occasions had a signed confession and a plea to be killed. How does it kill his victims? It varies from person to person. He always leaves the face and hands alone for open casket funerals, he has never used a gun, though he owns several and keeps them around his apartment which is above his café.

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Name: Silithis


Age: 106

Sex: male

Position: Seme

Race: Gold Dragon

Human form:

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 232 pounds

Eyes: gold

Hair: gold

Dragon Form:

Body length: 16 ft

Tail length: 24 ft

Neck length: 15ft

Body width: 8 ft

Standing height shoulders: 13ft

Maximum wingspan: 68 ft

Minimum wingspan: 30 ft

Weight: roughly 20,000 pounds

Scale Color:

Back: dark gold

Under side: light gold

Wing skin: gold


Description: Regal doesn't quite describe the gold dragon in human or dragon form. Robes, layers of colorful soft fabrics cover his lean frame, being a dragon one didn't need the massive bulk of muscle to be strong. The robes were of many colors depending on his mood for the day, mostly darker, but no less brilliant, colors to show off his golden hair long silky strands that nearly touched his knees, and his bright golden eyes, his skin always the color of honey. What lay under the layers of soft cottons and silks was a perfectly formed body, nothing to offset that sweet color. Strong chest and abs, powerful arms and legs show little of his true strength. The warmness that seems to come from him however is not how he is. Cold, everything has a price, his price is met or ruin will follow, he is a gold dragon, set in the ways that his way is the only way. However a heavy hand also knows a gentle touch.


He can seal arcane magic, in a being, or around a place for a length he desires, he can also remove the curse, as some call it, whenever he desires. The larger the area however the more time and energy it takes from him.

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