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Due South

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So I wondered if I should open a topic about this tv show because it's quite an old tv show and it's not famous at all, but you know, it's quite slashy. I actually knew about it during the annual Slash pairing contest at AfterElton, among the other pairings there was Due South with its main slash ship RayK/Benton Fraser.

The thing about this show, a part from the bromantic slashy couple, it's the irony because it's all about stereotypes of Canadians and Americans and it has been incredibly funny even for an European like me!


What's Due South?

Due South is a buddy cop tv show about a Canadian mountie called Benton Fraser and a Chicago cop. It has four seasons, in the season 1 and 2, Fraser meets Ray Vecchio (the cop) and has to investigate in the murder of his own father. They are great together but I personally don't ship them.

Season 3 and 4 instead are about Benton Fraser working with Ray Kowalski, a Chicago cop who has to take Ray Vecchio's place while Ray Vecchio is undercover in the mafia. Yes, this is the pairing. Their personality are one the opposite of the other but without the anger that sometimes I see in buddy cops tv shows.

Also there are some vague supernatural elements.


(you can also start watching directly from season 3)




Give me the gay

So, as I said, it's slash, bromance, a bit like the hints we see in Sherlock BBC or in Supernatural, but I think a good pint in this tv show is that it never takes a step back. When I watch Sherlock BBC I often see John Watson, after declaring his love for Sherlock, add something like "No homo! I am heterosexual" while in Due South it's all left on suspension, and we also get a happy ending! (no lady for Benton Fraser and no lady for Ray K but-



they leave together in the North, looking for adventures



Also, this is the short and sensible explanation!


Ah, and of course the underwater mouth to mouth (animated gif)





So this is it, I'll leave you with a couple of demonstrative videos : D and a better explanation than mine was

a happy one!


and a sad one!

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I actually started watching a couple months ago, but I started at season 1, and now I ship Fraser/Vecchio. Which is unfortunate, because no one else really does. xD I look forward to watching the episodes with Kowalski, though!

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....and it's not famous at all


What? lol

Firstly it's Canadian so it's known here. even now.

2ndly it's got my boy CKR in it. And you can never go wrong with that. Of course the first couple of seasons I didn't watch those, cuz CKR wasn't in them. It's like my random episode watching of Battlestar Galactica. It's only random if you don't know I was just watching the eps w CKR. lol


CKR = Callum Keith Rennie (Ray Kowalski) btw.


yeah.. im just going go leave now... *CKR stalker*

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