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Bella's Rules

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1. Don't drop the roleplay without telling me.


I absolutely hate it when I have to constantly ask people if they're ever going to reply, since I don't get their reply in a week. Please, I understand if you don't like it, but do give me at least one reason.


2. Have proper grammar and use commas.


There's a difference between: i and I; u and you; their, there and they're; your and you're. Also, commas are important. Really important.


3. Replies at least once a week.


If you're going to be away, if something happened or if you're just busy - please contact me and don't leave me clueless wether I'll get the reply or not.


4. OOC comments.


Please don't try and make some chat on the rp page. Contact me via chat/PM instead.


5. No godmodding.


Godmodding would be when you use MC's actions which have not been written by me on your own post. If YC leaned in to kiss MC, don't assume MC can't slap YC away. Yet, if you write that YC forcefully kissed MC, sure, that's possible.


6. No one-liners.


Please try to write at least one paragraph. I usually try and mirror my partner's post length on my own, so I would appreaciate if you did the same. If I post 3 paragraphs and you post 2 lines - it's not gonna work.


7. Your character age.


I really don't like rp'ing about high school or such, so please make your characters at least 18 years old... And actually looking like it .-.


8. Be detailed.


Try to write as many details as you can, especially if you're introducing some minor characters. Some people just write that there was a new girl who came to talk with both MC and YC, yet there is no information about how she looks. The same goes for various places - if you're writing about a house, at least write how many floors it has...


9. Don't be scared to suggest ideas.


If you think that the rp might be improved by some idea that you have - just tell it to me! I'm pretty flexible here and I will probably try out pretty much anything ;)


10. Genres I don't do/ don't like:




High School;



11. NSFW!!!


Let me drool over the details, describe everything, and I mean absolutely everything that you can think of. Make it something we both could enjoy!


Now, I hope no one will run away from me... I'm not really that scary ^^;

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Adding a new rule-


12. If you do not respond to our rp in a month without telling me, I end the rp.

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