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Tempted by the Darkness

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Title: Tempted by the Darkness
Status: Complete
Characters: Shingo Yabuki, Orochi
Summary: [Bonus chapter of Vampire's Kiss]
Incubus Orochi decides to patiently wait until Shingo would make a pact with him. However, all changed after tonight's fight against the Inquisitors. How such an encounter affects the further relationship of one certain brunette and the demon protecting him? Read and find out.


A/N: Alright, it seems that for the while, when I was waiting for proof-reader to read Vampire's Kiss chapter 30, in meantime, I was working on this project. So, can't believe that incubus Orochi and priest Shingo would a spin-off focusing on their relationship and hardships ( ̄ー ̄)b
Yup, when working on true OTL was the true solution...
However, it was also thanks to Miau's suggestion to try make Vampire's Kiss focus on vampire Kyo and hunter Iori only. Surely, making this not as a chapter/arc of Vampire's Kiss was a head-ache at first. But later on, after thinking of the title for this spin-off series, which was a reference to one of our Lithuanian more well-known books about the struggles, inner conflict and life of one priest, who thought that he may take a right path by becoming a priest(mostly influenced by his family because becoming a priest was an enormous honor to the family), however, as time went, he realized that maybe being a priest is not what he wanted or could do. So, in the end, this priest declined his title and started to write plays and contribute to the art. Yup, this book is by Vincas Mykolaitis Putinas and called In the Shadows of the Altar.
Perhaps, picking such a title for this spin-off would mean that behind priest Shingo's daily duties, he lives a life which is unknown and doesn't reach the surface of the light.
*sigh* Also, it is a first attempt at writing a real dark gothic fantasy genre, which was heavily inspired by Animamundi Dark Alchemist.
Also, this time used real-world historic weapons and execution methods in this project. So, after seeing a historic documentary several years ago, didn't really was memorable aside to one detail. Yup, the scissor katar still left that huuuge impression! Of course, being stabbed must be painful, however, knowing that this blade splits in 3 is something... Yup, it is one of the most agonizing deaths to have your guts being twisted~ Dear, indeed, that is impressive!

Anyway, aside that,
As always,



It was a silent night at one local church. However, only a certain silver-haired demon was restless. That’s right, this incubus was preparing for tonight’s hunt for human life-force, and now he reveals his true form. Yet, the demon kept the same appearance as the last time: black as the darkest night leather bat wings, open-chest body-stocking vest, which was stitched by the thin black strings in cross-pattern, and black gauntlets. As for the bottom, it was a black leather pants, revealed the outer side of his thighs and were stitched in a cross-pattern. Now Orochi silently sighs and gently strokes already asleep his so adored priest’s hair. Of course, there wouldn’t be any better and easier target than this naive boy, however, the fluffy silver-head still patiently awaits for that day when this brunette decides to become his Master. Until then, this demon refuses to make even a single wrong move on Shingo. But for now, he leaves this brunette’s side and walks towards the window. As he climbs on the windowsill, Orochi one more time gazes at the peacefully asleep Shingo. However, why does he start to feel nearly unbearable heartache at the moments like this?

The fluffy silver-head didn’t understand why recently satisfying his hunger makes him guilty in front of Yabuki. He knew that as long as he finds a potential prey, then it can ease his hunger for days and, of course, being able to stay by this human's side without bringing no harm to him. But why does he feel like hurting Shingo in the worst way possible by shamelessly feasting on others behind this brunette's back? What happens, if tells the truth? Will this Yabuki would be afraid and disgusted? Or so, not once wondered the fluffy silver-head demon. Nevertheless, Orochi understood that sooner or later, the young priest will find out what kind of dark and twisted creature is this incubus.

After giving a longing gaze for this brunette, the silver-head demon spreads his ebony wings and disappears into a night.

Couple hours have passed~ The demon finished feeding on his carefully picked prey. Apparently, it was a young maiden around the same age as one certain priest, who had long manila color hair. However, her aquamarine eyes were filled with pure bliss like enjoying the never-ending dream, but without being able to wake up from it. As Orochi gently places his fingers on this woman’s eye-lids and closes her eyes, he brushes his hand from her cold face. After leaving the bedside, this incubus gives indifferent look towards the dead body and silently comments in cold tone ‘‘You poor thing… Aside being able to satisfy my hunger, your mind, and soul were weak. You can be so easily manipulated. If it wasn’t for me, the sooner or later your spirit would be broken by someone else. So, think about this as a sign of mercy, woman. Farewell.’’. With these words, the silver demon takes his leave.

Meanwhile, the demon soars in the starry sky towards the church, something caught his attention. Apparently, it was the sound of a furious mob barking like a pack of hungry mad dogs. After hiding his demonic presence, Orochi dives deep into a forest. The deeper he gets into the woods the more he could understand. These fools were recklessly using god’s name and such words as heresy while condemning someone committing the worst crimes ever heard to mankind. Perhaps, these religious fanatics once again cornering another person, who doesn’t live up their unrealistic standards. Of course, there was no need for a demon to interface into the affairs of the mortals. On the other hand, observing how these low-lives act like rabid animals, who have left no morals or values, can give a good chuckle for the incubus, even if it is for a mere second. So, without making a sound, Orochi carefully gets closer towards the angry mob and now hides behind one of the trees while folding his wings.

The crowd got more lively and wild while their victim let out an agonizing scream and silenced by a harsh strike, which sinks deeps into the flesh. Now the fluffy silver-head takes a quick look. Surely, it made Orochi widen his eyes and silently gasp. More so, it was followed by freezing on same spot and shivering breathing. That’s right, a familiar crowd wearing a long gray silk robes reminded about his dark past. The demon could only whisper in fear '‘Inquisitors… What a hell they’re doing here?’’.

At this moment, he couldn’t remove his eyes from the current view. Several of robed people were surrounding and chanting. It seems that they cheered their leader, who had his robe and hood decorated in golden jewelry. More so, his held golden sacred staff ornamented in occultism symbols, proves his high status. Now the leader of Inquisitors stabs the crucified man’s stomach with a thick blade, which was used for sacred rituals. However, after the clicking noise, the blade splits into three knives. As the robed man sadistically smiles, he starts to twist the blade, which was followed by the noise of tearing and splashing insides. Even the dark crimson liquid was gushing from the fresh wound. Meanwhile, the tortured man’s eyes-balls nearly jumped through eye-holes as he screams in inhumane agonizing scream and vomits in dark blood. A minute passes and no sound or move from the body violated by the blades and spiked chains. Unfortunately, even after a miserable end, this corpse was still treated as a mere showcase.

Now one of the robed people in the crowd asks ‘‘Is… is he is finally dead? Cut the witcher’s head! ’’. It was followed by the robed woman swinging the sword at the corpse’s head. Slash! And the head instantly hits the ground and rolls on the ground. However, then a black smoke with the screeching noises was gushing out through this man’s neck and soon enough submerges into the air. Lastly, the blood was streaming down over the dead body and coloring in dark crimson liquid. After the leader of Inquisitors picks the fallen head by the hair, this man shows it to the crowd that everyone could see, and now starts a long speech in a condemning voice.

Surely, there was no point for this incubus staying here any longer and observe how these mad dogs continues to tear their prey’s flesh. Just before taking his leave, something else caught his ear. That’s right, one of these despicable men declares ‘‘Tomorrow night we need to visit the church where the devil lives. We need to act quick before that wicked priest awakens the evil power! That twisted fool being pulled by the devil's strings won't spread the heresy anymore.’’. Even under the hood there was visible a malicious smile “You will curse that day when you turned your back to the Lord and embracing the dark arts. There will be no mercy for you, Shingo Yabuki.”. Surely, just hearing how these blasphemous bastards dare to say his precious priest name in such a vile way, makes Orochi's blood boil with pure hatred and rage for these men.

Finally, the silver-head demon decides that it is pointless to hide his presence. All of a sudden, a dark and malicious aura surrounded him as he approaches the Inquisitors. Now while he holds his arms, the fluffy silver-head greets the crowd “You never change no matter how much time has passed… However, I cannot let you have that boy. He is mine!”. Now the demon spreads wide his ebony leather wings and reveals his long jet-black sharp nails.

Surely, it was intimidating enough to scare away his opponents, however, now the leader of the robed men proudly without showing any sign of fear steps to face this incubus. After hitting the ground with his staff, that man replies in confident yet mocking tone “How convenient, you dirty sinner. However, even if you willingly surrender, we won't ease your punishment. You may be escaped from the prison once, but we'll make sure that it won't happen again!”. After the robed man stretches his hand towards the demon, the golden staff began to glow in platinum light. Surely, it hurts this incubus, however, Orochi just silently endures the pain. Now the robed man demands in strict tone “Give up now! There is no need for your vain struggle.”. Certainly, it shocked the crowd, who were too scared to move.

Despite that, Orochi only chuckles and now slashes his opponent with his nails. As this fellow harshly hits the ground, the fluffy silver-head back-fires “Enough! Perhaps only the Death will silence you.”. However, while coughing in blood, the leader laughs as the madman. Now after placing his hand on his stomach, that man replies “You think that you can kill me!? I am immortal, and I won’t die, demon!”. It was followed by his orders to the robed men “Cease him! Do whatever it takes and do not let him escape! The demon like him cannot be finished off so easily!”. All of a sudden, several Inquisitors surrounded Orochi and now pulled the metal chains with a heavy spike. Now they threw chains at once at the silver demon. While being so sure that these cloaked men caught their prey, they pull the rattling chains harder. Yet…

Apparently, the chains were tangled, but no sign of the fluffy silver-head. It seemed that he disappeared as a ghost without a trace. However, only the sound of loud wing flapping from above made Inquisitors realize that it might not end well. Now the demon looks down at these foolish people and taunts them ‘‘Fufufu~ Is this all you can? Then, it’s my turn!’’. Thereafter, Orochi dives full-speed down at the crowd. As soon as he reaches the Inquisitors, the silver-head incubus stretches his long black nails. While he flies through the robed men, the fluffy silver-head slashes them nearly in half. However, just before reaching the leader, Orochi stops immediately. As the fluffy silver-head stands on feet and folds his wings close to him, the wounded crowd collapses. Now, only two of them remains alive. However, the leader of the cult only grids his teeth and now pulls a curved-blade knife out from his sleeve. After aiming at the demon’s heart, the robed man was about to stab this sinful creature.

Unfortunately, the so-hatred demon’s reaction was faster. All of a sudden, the Inquisitor’s arm was cut up to the elbow. As that man covers his bleeding arm, his lower part of the face was twisting in pain. Now as he roughly pants, he curses at Orochi ‘‘You bastard… You… You’ll regret this!’’. Even so, this incubus just delightfully observes the suffering man. As the fluffy silver-head’s eyes sparkled with excitement, he walks closely to the wounded person and replies in teasing tone ‘‘Please, do so~ ’’. It was followed by lifting the Inquisitor’s chin by his one hand. Now Orochi adds in deeper tone as he narrows his gaze ‘‘ I’ll play with you for a bit~ After all, you’re immortal, aren’t you?’’.

After the fluffy silver-head wraps his arm around the robed man, the demon brings him so closely to himself. Now he whispers into this man’s ear ‘‘Don’t worry, I’ll promise you that you’ll have the best of your time. Besides, there is someone who would also keep you entertained~’’. After Orochi rises his free hand, he snaps his fingers and both were swallowed by the darkness.

Once the robed man looks around, he realized that he was no longer in the human realm. This world was surrounded by endless darkness and slowly rising purple mist. Finally, the master of this place shows up. However, when a demon appeared in front of him, the Inquisitor was alerted — not only his lost arm was back, but now he can feel how his both hands were lifted above his head and restrained. More important, now the robed man could feel how his back was against the cold stone wall. Meanwhile, Orochi holds his arms, he speaks in seductive yet full of malice voice ‘‘What’s wrong? Are the cuffs too tight? You poor thing~ How does it feel to be imprisoned? Don’t worry, unlike you, I won’t leave you alone. So, please, play nice and get along!~’’.

Now the fluffy silver-head’s face become serious, and he turns his head away while calling his precious pet ‘‘Magnus, come! I brought a special guest.’’. It was followed by the several purple tentacles spurting from the ground. Along the slimy noises, the mysterious creature shows up behind Orochi’s back. Apparently, it was a two meters height a one-eyed squid-like being, which had a purple skin. However, the tentacle monster’s skin dyed in bright blue with a countless dark circles over its body, and widening its big eye, after seeing its master’s brought person. It instantly pierced this fiend’s guts with one of its tentacles. Of course, it was followed by the Inquisitor’s scream, however, the fluffy silver-head softens his gaze and addresses Magnus in calm voice ‘‘So, you remember this person even after the years?… Then, I’ll skip the long introduction. However, look, he doesn’t know you, so, why don’t we remind him? Calm down and release him for now.’’

After removing the tentacle from the impostor’s body, that wound instantly healed. Now this creature’s skin eventually turned-back into dark purple color. Despite that, Orochi explains to the restrained man ‘‘You see, before you imprisoned me in that dark dungeon, Magnus tried to escape to the human world to protect me. However, it costed for him a couple burned to ash tentacles. Poor thing understood that he won’t survive in human world, yet he risked his life for my sake.’’. The demon only sighs and now continues ‘‘Not only you twisted bastards, picked a wrong demon to mess with, but you hurt Magnus. I won’t forgive you for this!’’. Now the fluffy silver-head gives a command to his adored pet “I'll leave him to you. It's completely up to you, what you want to do with him. So, I'll wait until you’re done.”. Certainly, like never before, the leader of the Inquisitors was scared for his life and now begged to be spared by the demon.

However, Orochi just gives a cold stare and walks away while Magnus already puts its tentacles into a good use. Once the demon rises his hand, a throne fitting for the high-rank demon appears from the ground. Lastly, the silver incubus sits back and while resting his head on his hand, indifferently observes how his pet ferociously and without any sign of mercy, tortures its prey in all shapes and form beyond any understanding of the mankind.

More than couple hours have passed~ it seems that Orochi was bored to tears while waiting until the tentacle creature would fed-off playing with that robed man. Even the agonizing screams and sounds of torn flesh and liquids splashing out did not affect him. Now this incubus lazily gets up and speaks up in a tired and annoyed voice “Have you had enough yet? You can kill him as much as you want, even the eternity wouldn't be enough. You would just get exhausted for no good reason. That's why let me try one more trick on him, Magnus.”. Surely, this ancient monster didn't want to disobey its master. However, the ancient creature was curious how the fluffy silver-head going to act. So, without a second thought, Magnus removes all its tentacles from that bastard's violated body, whose mind was already broken. After narrowing his gaze, the incubus comments in judging tone “Is this all you got? Pathetic human.”. Just when he closes his eyes and sighs, the silver-head continues “I could make you go through the same suffering and humiliation, which you put me through. However, I don't want to become a lower kind than you. So, I will put the end for your miserable existence.'' .

Lastly, the demon closes places his hand on his chest and closes his eyes. Now, as he starts to silently cast a spell, the same hand becomes transparent. After opening his eyes, Orochi's arm penetrates the Inquisitor's chest. However, the fluffy silver-head removes his arm slowly while in a barely hearable voice casting another spell. Once his hand was completely out of this man's chest, Orochi's hand returned to normal, but now clenched into a fist like carefully holding something. When he opens his palm, a little white flame was dancing on it. However, it didn't impress this demon. That's right, it was just a mere human's soul.

While his gaze was fixated on the little flame dancing in passive movement, Orochi addresses his loyal pet in calm voice ‘‘Magnus, that arrogant fool thought that he overcome death by getting a more lasting body. However, he lost a privilege to die like all humans. However, why would you do that? I simply don't get it… He didn't have a demon's blood running in his veins, so, why would you want to have a body, which slowly rots while you're alive? Was it worth? I'm not sure…”.

However, the tentacle creature's skin dyed in deeper purple as his master turned his head and their eyes met. Apparently, a centuries old demon was giving an innocently asking gaze “Magnus, is it a right thing to do? I want him to have an endless suffering and have my revenge. However, why of all possible times I think of Shingo? He wouldn't want to see any of that and knowing him, he would get upset and won't forgive me. I… I don’t want to even imagine that… It can't be helped then… I have to do it.”. Now the fluffy silver-head turns his head away from Magnus and suddenly closes the palm. As the white little flame was crushed, the immortal man lets out his final gasp.

Some time has passed~ After returning to the human world, Orochi left the corpse in the pile of countless dead bodies of the robed men, and once he spreads his wings, leaves this place. Perhaps, tonight, there wouldn't be any other accidents like this. Or so, hoped the silver demon while heading to one local dormitory where one certain brunette rests peacefully without having to even the slightest idea about a massacre in the forest.

After reaching a window of Shingo’s room, the fluffy silver-head just closes his eyes. It seems that the young priest was still deeply asleep since he left. One thing was that this brunette wasn’t aware of the disappearance of the incubus, however, at the same time it concerned Orochi. That’s right, not only Yabuki doesn’t lock his room’s door, but also leaving the window widely open made him vulnerable to any threat. More important, after tonight’s events, the silver demon wonders what if there are other groups, like Inquisitors, who also aware of his presence. Certainly, Shingo’s life was put at the high risk as well. So, Orochi cannot wait any longer, and now he has to make the young priest into his Master. That’s why, as soon as the demon opens his eyes, he flies through the window.

Once he enters the room enlighten by the platinum moonlight, he folds his wings and quietly approached the brunette, who was wearing a blue pajama, and started to wake up. When he noticed the dried blood on the fluffy silver-head’s clothes and skin, Shingo got alerted and immediately sits up. Now he asks in concerned and shaky voice ‘‘O-Orochi?… Wha…what happened to you? Why is there a blood on you?’’. Yet, the silver demon lowers his gaze and silently stares at the priest. Only after a short pause, Orochi looks at him again and replies in serious tone yet calm tone ‘‘I met them.’’. Surely, Shingo only got confused, however, the incubus continued his confession ‘‘The Inquisitors… These religious fools were torturing to the death a man, whom they accused of a witchcraft. Of course, I wouldn’t have interface into the human affairs and left them alone. However, after they killed that man, their leader told that you’re their next victim. ’’.

It seems that these words shocked the young priest, who just remains silent and listens further ‘‘They called you a heretic, who uses the dark arts and possessed by the devil. Of course, I couldn’t stand still and listen to their further plans. So, after they saw me, their leader ordered them to capture me. However, these fools underestimated my power and I killed every single one of them.’’. Shingo only dumb-fondly stared, and now asks ‘‘Why?… Why do you have to do that? Wasn’t there any other way?’’. However, Orochi softens his gaze and sits on the bedside closely to this brunette while explaining ‘‘Such a people hunts down anyone, who stands out for them and then showcases their twisted justice. It is nothing more than spreading the fear. Unfortunately, but there are more religious cults like Inquisitors, who do not deserve mercy.’’.

Now while holding Shingo’s hand in his hands, the fluffy silver-head continues ‘‘ All I want is to protect you. However, there is so little what I can do for your sake. Unless…’’. All of a sudden, the words stuck inside his throat, yet this brunette broke the silence ‘‘What are you talking about? You already have done more than I could ever ask for. So, please, you don’t need to worry about that. But I wish that you won’t risk your life for getting food when you can always use me. Unless, I don’t fit for your taste, or I’m not good enough. And, please, don’t start with that talk that you cannot do that. Just have more faith in me. I can endure any pain or stop you when enough is enough.’’.

Surely, it made this incubus to crack a smile, who replies in more forgiving tone ‘‘You may say otherwise after you learn what kind of demon I am. However, if you are so persistent, there is one thing, which you can do for me.’’. Of course, it made Yabuki curious about the demon ‘‘What is it? I’ll do it! Just tell me.’’. Right now, Orochi leans closely to Shingo and straightforwardly asks ‘‘Become my Master.’’. Such an out of blue request surprised this brunette ‘‘Eh?! What d-do you mean by that?’’. However, the incubus calmly explains ‘‘After you’ll become my Master, I’ll be your Servant, who would stay by your side and protect you from any threat. So, let’s make a pact, Shingo.’’.

At first, Yabuki was in doubt, however, if this is what this fluffy silver-head asks, then he felt that he cannot decline this request. Besides, it didn’t sound too different from what this demon does already for him. So, after taking a deep breath, Shingo accepts this offer ‘‘If this is what you want, I’ll do it. But what do I need to do? Is there is any paper to sign in or something like that?’’. Yet, Orochi only covers his mouth and chuckles ‘‘No, there is nothing like that. However, do you remember when I asked you whenever you want me to teach you how two adults greet each other? Or you think that you’re not ready for it?’’.

It seems that as this incubus tail shows up and impatiently moves, this brunette widens his eyes and swallows the saliva. Hell, he could even hear his own heartbeat ringing in his ears. Despite that, Shingo directly faces the incubus and replies in determined yet at same time shyer voice ‘‘You told that it also would help you to get a life-force, right? So, as long as it could help you, then I can try. It won’t hurt, I think…’’. Surely, this answer was more than enough to satisfy the silver demon, who now spreads his wings and surrounds them both. However, this brunette felt how his cheeks were dyed in red when Orochi gives him such an affectionate gaze and replying in excited tone ‘‘Of course, it won’t. Contrary, you’ll may enjoy this as much as I would. However, this time I need a bit of your blood to make a contract. Don’t worry, it only hurts for a bit.’’.

Lastly, the fluffy silver-head rises his hand while slightly extending his sharp nails with another one. After bringing one sharp nail to his palm, with one sudden movement he makes a cut on his right palm until the dark crimson liquid shows up. Now Orochi asks Shingo to show his right palm and the demon’s nail instantly makes a cut. It was followed by the small whimper of this brunette, who closes his eyes. Then, the fluffy silver-head presses his bloody palm against Yabuki’s. After that Orochi placed his other hand behind the scalp of the priest and brings close to his face.

Surely, it made Shingo widen his eyes and then blissfully close them as he felt how the demon presses his lips against his. It was moments lasting, but a gentle kiss. All of a sudden, this brunette slightly gets alerted when this incubus’ tongue tries to break through his lips and get inside. However, he invites Orochi inside. Yet, that new sensation when the incubus’s tongue explored every bit inside his mouth, made him let out silent whims. Surely, such an innocent reaction amused the fluffy silver-head, who just chuckles and delightfully observes him. While being dominated by the alluring demon, Shingo gives up to the rising pleasure while through whims tries to catch the air. Perhaps, this is how the fluffy silver-head gets the life-force from people, or so, thought this brunette.

However, as the young priest’s cut hand starts to glow in bright red, Orochi with-draws his face from Yabuki’s and now tilts his chin with his left hand. Surely, seeing how this brunette was dazing and blushing, was such an enjoyable view for the demon, who just could stare with adoring gaze. Yet, the fluffy silver-head lifts their joined hands and shows them to Shingo. Soon enough the crimson light fades away and now the magic seal in dark red ink appears on top of the priest’s right hand. Now the silver demon comments in calm tone ‘‘Look at this. I wasn’t wrong by picking you as my Master. You even got the proof of it. Congratulations, Master Shingo~ The pact is now complete.’’.

After releasing their joined hands, Shingo started to return to his senses. However, the memory of what just happens flashes into his mind, and now this brunette lowers his head while trying to hide his still blushing face. Yet, now he receives an honest question from the demon ‘‘Please, don’t tell me that you disliked it… Was it that bad?’’. It was followed by Yabuki shaking his head and replying in embarrassed tone ‘‘ It’s… It’s nothing like that! Contrary, it was… But it was my first… my first… it was… Please, don’t make me say it loudly!’’. Surely, Orochi only softens his gaze and sighs. Now he presses this brunette’s head against his chest and wraps his arms around his adored Master. However, Shingo continues ‘‘ But now I can summon you whenever I want or need you, right?’’. The fluffy silver-head only agrees ‘‘Yes, that is correct.’’.

However, Yabuki manages to escape from the demon’s embrace and all of a sudden, places his hands on Orochi’s arms. Now he asks in more demanding tone while directly looking at the fluffy silver-head ‘‘So, now you can rely on me whenever you need a life-force, correct?’’. The silver incubus nods while giving a questioning look. Lastly, this brunette asks ‘‘Then you don’t need anymore to feed on others anymore. Finally, you don’t need to risk being a hunters’ target. So, from now, you can leave it to me.’’. However, Orochi only chuckles at such a confession and playfully replies ‘‘Are you sure that you can handle it? You know, I would need more than that~ However, this time I won’t go hunting for anyone. So, you better do not forget your words while that day comes. But you need to rest now, Shingo. Good night!~’’.

Apparently, these words once again surprised the young priest. However, after Orochi places one finger on top Shingo’s forehead, the brunette instantly fells asleep. In the end, the fluffy silver-head makes sure that Yabuki would be comfortable and nicely tucked in. Now, even just observing how this brunette was peacefully sleeping, relieved the incubus.


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