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Guest goddessbastet87

The Conflicted Assassin (Seke needed)

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Guest goddessbastet87

Plot: My Character is A prince from a specific colony, in a neighboring colony that was long thought to be destroyed, a colony of Phoenix assassin’s. A Generation back their colony had been targeted by the Prince of your kingdom, though what had been done was more in Yc’s grandfather’s time. However after Yc father heard from an unknown source that some of those in the Assassin colony had somehow survived he sent out a force of men to do away with those that had survived. At time MC, the prince from the some of the survivors of the colony was not present during the attack, though upon returning to where they had taken refugee finds many of his people he, his father, and his mother ruled over killed. One of those being his mother who died shortly after his return, from injuries she sustained. His father in a rage, with Mc’s own rage, and malice still churning inside him sends his son on a task, a mission of revenge.


He had one task, and is told to do it without mercy. A life for a life, knowing that the queen of the kingdom in which YC (The prince of said Kingdom) perished a while back, he told to take the life of the King's son, Yc, by any means possible. At the time MC had no qaulms with this, and finds a way to work among those in the castle, with the other guards. However those around him do not know who he is, where he hails from, or much of anything else f about him, for that matter. Eventually he will end becoming close to YC perhaps saving him, and becoming his own personal guard, which will present him with the opportunity he needs to complete his task.


However when the opportunity presents itself Mc finds himself fighting with feelings, and emotions that he has always been trained to ignore. Emotions that to him are quite strange, as he has never had to contend with them before, having never felt a connection to anyone. Emotions get in the way of their purpose, is what he had always been taught, so from a young age he had been taught how to block them out.. Though now they will cause him to hesitate when he finds him presented with the opportunities he needs to finish the task he has been given.


He will of course after a while, since he was not able to finish the task, will end meeting with one of the other’s of the colony. While there he will outright lie, merely telling the other that he needs more time.


One of these times he meets with one of the other’s from his colony I was thinking that he could be caught, perhaps after he becomes attached to Yc, the other prince. However the rest I was thinking we could work out!


My Character!



Name: Prince Ryze Kozyra (Though will end up using a false last name when working at the castle with Yc.)

Age: 21

Species: Phoenix

Trained Assassin

Position: Seke (Though keep in mind only females were allowed to engage in their carnal desires. Males were trained that emotions complicated missions, and were trained to only “show” them, or use them if they thought it would benefit them in completing the mission. Ryze has always been one that ignored anyone's advances, so he could focus on missions and training alone.)


Personality: Ryze normally seems standoffish to most he meets, as well as attitudinal. He can also be quite difficult, though does tend to sometimes put on a mask for certain people, if only to mislead them. Those who do know him, which is anyone who he grew up around, meaning those of his colony, know that he is a very serious minded person, normally. He has never been one to let things cloud his judgement, especially when it comes to his job. Any emotion he shows around other is because it is what would be expected of him, though a certain shadow seems to stay in his eyes, a coolness that shows his real self. Or what he had become because of his upbringing, and what he has been trained in. Smiles never seem to reach his eyes, nor take that shadow from them, they never seem to bring a brightness that most would see in another’s eyes. Or at least see in someone who wasn’t trained to be a killer. To some he comes off strange, though he merely tells those who actually question his sometimes serious demeanor that he is a mercenary and it comes with the trade, at least when he is around those he doesn’t know that is what he tells them. That is also what he tells those who ask about his skills with weapons, and such things. (However as the rp continues the emotions he starts to feel more frequently will start to change him, which will bring about changes in his personality.)


Skills/ Abilities: (Skills will be marked with a + Abilities {Powers} will be marked with a -)

+Stealth weapons (Daggers, darts, throwing knives, and quills (a very small discreet easily hidden poisoned weapon. Looks like a small dart, though with a longer tip, most if it is noticed or seen think of it as a type of needle or sewing apparatus.. Depending on the poison one small prick could cause death with in seconds, or sooner.)

+Close combat: Both with weapons such as daggers, and shortswords, as well as hand to hand.

+Archery: Though not his favorite choice in any battle, or combat situation.


+Lock Picking: (Taught incase it was ever need to gain access to a target, or needed to escape.)

+Alchemy: Though he can use it in other ways, he was mainly taught this as a way to learn to mix, and posions.)

-Smoke Multiplication: Able to create an image of himself out of smoke, that can come from himself, or that of a fire, or small bundled packets of certain substances when mixed with a flint, that will create smoke when thrown.

-Fire manipulation: Though he has the ability around others it is forbidden to use it as it could easily give him away.

-Fire shield: Able to create a shield out of fire, the fire can come from himself, or from another source.

-Healing tears: Though every phoenix has the ability to heal using their tears, it was, and still is rarely if ever used among the assassin colony. Mainly because of how they were taught to control their emotions, or use them only if they were needed.

-Rejuvenating Aura:Some, though not all Phoenix’s have the ability to help others heal more grievous injuries that their tears can not using their own Aura by sharing it with another. Using this same method in a more complicated manner if the person is near death they can share enough of their own energy, though this also creates a bond between the two, it can keep the person who they use it on from Dying.

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