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1. His Girlfriend with XiuLin


Step father X Step-daughter’s Boyfriend


Dante Aizawa Delgado

32 years old

Self-made man who owns several strip clubs

Preferred uke: His step-daughter’s cross-dressing slutty boyfriend



Widower step-father (SEME) reluctantly promises step-daughter who will be taking a year off to study abroad to drop in and check on her boyfriend (UKE). Two weeks later, he drops by boyfriend’s house but nobody answers. Finding the door unlocked, he goes in and discovers that the boyfriend is a cross-dresser. A very pretty cross-dresser who has been deceiving them. In rage, step-father humiliates the “fag” but ends up so turned on, they have hot rough sex.


And sex again..and again and again, with boyfriend as a “woman.” He brings “her” to his club, where the boyfriend reveals how slutty he really is. He begins taking “her” around, and everyone assumes that “she” is the new girlfriend. Step-father even sexes up boyfriend while the boyfriend talks to the daughter on the phone.




2. Perfect Assistant with yin_yang_lover


Boss x cross-dressing secretary


John W. Trenton


Age: 28 years old

Occupation: CEO, Brideton International (import-export company)

Likes: The beach (if he could free up some time), playing pool, good whiskey, and potato chips



Brideton was acquired in a take-over and it was found out that it had an over amount of male employees compared to female ones and a lot of newer hires were let go. The UKE, though competent and efficient, is one of those who were laid-off but the HR manager begs him to reapply as the company was in dire need of good staff, BUT he has to apply as a female.


UKE gets hired as secretary to the new CEO (SEME), who finds out later that his perfect assistant is more perfect that he can ever imagine.



3. Dangerous Desires with Techno


Yakuza x Police


Aizawa Jinrou

27 years old

Wakagashira of the Aizawa clan

Openly handling the brothels and gambling dens. Drugs possibly, murder probably.




Eldest son of the current oyabun and the daughter of the former clan head, Jinrou had made his bones by the time he was 16. Though excelling in school and graduating from a university, Jinrou fully embraced the life he had been trained to lead since he was young. His calm and collected demeanor hides a violent and cruel nature. It has become apparent to his subordinates that the colder Jinrou acts, the crueler he truly becomes.


Now, his clan is embroiled in a battle of of domination with the more powerful Toudou Clan. But a twist fate had given the Aizawa a window of opportunity; the Toudou had arranged the assassination of a high-ranking official in the Ministry of Interior. The public outcry and government pressure is pushing the police to step up its investigations and bring the Toudou to heel - a golden opportunity for any and all of its rivals.



4. Royal Treasure with SammuelColdheart


Bodyguard x Prince


Jari Mil

Occupation: Army Captain and Royal Guardian

Age: 26



Jari is a war orphan. He was found in the battle field, an unknown child and taken in by an army captain who had been thankful to have been spared from a royal mess of a war. That was twenty years ago.


Fast forward and the war-orphan is now an army captain who had risen through the ranks, partly because of his bravery and ability and partly because of his adoptive father's good sense and advice.


Five years ago he had unwittingly saved the life of the king. As a reward or punishment, depending on who you ask, he was appointed as head body guard of the His Majesty's younger brother; a role he had taken reluctantly. But that was then, this is now.



5. Of Flesh and Blood with akiravadel


Younger brother x Older brother


Aloysius Miguel "Alloy" Sandovar

Age: 18 years old

Profile: High School senior, honor student, and troublemaker

School: Saint John the Baptist School for Boys (established in 1879 for scions of rich Catholic families)



Physical Description

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Height and weight: 5'10 at 160 lbs. Deceptively lithe but Asian martial arts, particularly aikido had built his stamina and strength.


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