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    Itsuka wa Kuma Goroshi by Matsu Takeshi [Eng]

    Original name: Itsuka wa Kuma Goroshi
    Manga ALT. names: いつかは熊殺し!!, Kill the Bear Someday!!
    Written by: Matsu Takeshi
    Original run: 2004

    Compilation of short stories:

    • Itsuka wa Kuma Goroshi!!
    A pair of step brothers, Kouya and Kazushi Aiba, who find out they liked each other as more then just brothers for some time now...
    (see them also in Anata o Aishiteyamazu)

    • Boku no Namae wo Shiterukai? (Do you know my name?)
    Handsome Shiro is dumped again, and finds his way to the bar, sitting next to the young, brash Takuya. Has Shiro found the man of his dream? Can Takuya figure out why Shiro is always dumped.

    • Dai-chan Kou-chan
    Tai-chan meets up with a childhood friend whom moved away six years ago and is quite shocked by Kou-chan's changes!

    • Baido Yamemasu! (I'm Quitting this Job!)

    • Ureshii Yatsura (Happy Guys)
    Shingo's sempai comes over to watch a video because his VCR is broke but it turns out he watch to watch porn and jerk off! Just how will this work out?

    Manga-type: Manga
    Published by: Kousai Syobo
    Group(s) Scanlating: Yes_Rhade
    Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
    Completely Scanlated: No
    Completely Translated: No
    Genres: Adult; Comed; Drama; Romance; Smut; Yaoi
    Categories: Comed; Drama; Bara
    Main Characters: Kouya and Kazushi Aiba
    Recommendations: Anata wo Hitorijime; Surf Trip Boys?; Hydromance

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