Hello everyone! As you can see, my username name is quite a mouthful so feel free to call my Voyage! I'm an experienced relic to the roleplaying field and while I used to come onto this site years ago, life obligations had me vanishing into the grip of those every changing tides. However, I'm back now and itching to get back into the roleplaying mindset!

Let's discuss a little about my writing style. Quite frankly, I'm the type of customer that gives back what they are given. While my goal usually is to reach anywhere between 3-4 paragraphs of good, juicy, detailed oriented writing material that will help the roleplay progress, it is by no means a concrete requirement. My longer replies tend to take me longer to create due to my taking the time to actually write the scenarios going on in my mind. However, I am not against rapid fire shorter replies that keep the pace of the roleplay moving steadily. I am a jack of many trades and I will aim to please in any way I can. Nevertheless, I plead of you...please avoid sending out 2-3 sentences of worthless words and very little creativity. I won't pressure you to heave out paragraphs if that's not your thing, but I plead of you to give me something to work with unless I'll lose interest fairly quickly.

As stated above, I'm a jack of many trades and I aim to please. Being that said, I rarely stick to the usual placement of characters regarding the Seme/Seke/Uke shebang. I prefer to keep our characters on rather equal footing, both fully capable and able to push and pull their weight around when necessary. In my personal opinion, I feel that that makes writing a roleplay with someone else much more exciting and keeps you at the edge of your seat. However, I am fully aware that the vast majority of the roleplaying community that indulges in Male x Male prefer to have firm lines drawn in the sand before the roleplay begins. To address any of that crowd that might take a little peak at my thread, I have a healthy batch of primarily Seke characters. Some lean towards being more submissive while some others lean towards a more dominant angle. They either tend to be outrageous, charming, charismatic free willed flirts that have no limit or they are stern, cold creatures with little tolerance for idiots. While I have to admit that like most I am fond of playing more submissive roles, I won't deny having the capability of playing a dominant figure if the story fits.

I'll list a few genres or pairings I'd be willing and interested to try out below:

Slice of life

Old friend x Old Friend
Singer x Manager
Singer x Fan
Shifter x Shifter
Werewolf/Vampire x Recently changed human/Human
Knight x Prince
Soldier x Solider
Twin x Twin.....though I'll need convincing for this one.
Co-worker x Co-Worker/Boss
Rival x Rival
Pirate x Merman
Pirate x Pirate
Pirate x Sailor
Celestial Being x Demonic Entity
God x God/Human
Butler x Lord

And a few Fandoms I might be willing to shuffle through are:

Pacific Rim
Teen Wolf
The Witcher

I don't have any immediate plots in mind but I'm usually quick to come up with several options once a pairing is chosen. If anyone would be interested in roleplaying, just drop me a private message and we'll get the train going from there! I look forward to hearing from you!