i am back after a year of being gone. Life hasn't been nice to me at all the last year but now I am in a position where I have time to actually sit down and RP again. If you have RP'd with me before and I suddenly vanished, I am really sorry. It was not my intention to leave without saying anything but I just couldn't find the energy to get online again. I hope you can forgive me.

So. My first idea was to start slow and maybe with one or two RP's.

My first thought was, that I would like to have a Harry Potter setting. Either during the books/movies or afterwards. Having said that I would love to be an OC but my partner could be anything. From OC to actual characters in the book/movie. Maybe we could even shake up the way Harry defeated Voldemort? Possibilities would be endless if we let them. My character would be a Hufflepuff.

So if anyone would be interested in that kind of RP? I would also be into rping something in an apocalyptical world (Zombies, endless winter, insects took over the world, etc.). Or if you have your own ideas tell me them. Maybe I want to RP it too. Having said that, I am not that into rape play or incest but otherwise i think i am open to mostly everything. Just ask and I will answer.