I am looking for a para player (Posts in paragraphs, 1 paragraph {5 sentences at the very least} required at all times). Someone that will help add to a story instead of just rolling with what is thrown their way. A use of the imagination is a must! Most of my idea's are heavy fantasy based and just about anything can be thrown your way. So if think you are able to add more to the idea, or you think the idea would be something you are interested in... Please do not hesitate to message me. I respond quicker to messages than I do to replies to RP Idea threads.


Idea: My Tiny Dancer

Name: Dameon Lu Siction
Age: 22 years old
History: He had been an orphan and was placed under the care of the vampires that ruled the village. Once of age, he was taken away as a pet to his Sire.
Race: Vampire
Sire: James Du Vac (Will be killed off evenutually)
Orientation: Submissive/Bottom
Appearance: (Changes: Hair is longer. Down to his lower back.)

Summary: A fledgling forced to be work at one of the worst clubs in town. Sure it made its money each day, but that wasn't what was shown when they were not on stage. Hidden secrets from behind closed doors. His Sire had a hand in on what happened to his favorite troublemaker. The business owner was just as bad. However, it is when a rival club owner shows up that things turn a bit more... interesting. Will this new arrival be the one that takes this little bunny home and away from the abuse he endures?