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    Hey there! Cryptconfessions here!
    Just call me Jai. Away from my laptop I use a sketchpad to sketch all my dreams. I'm not good at drawing so I hope that I will improve. In this thread, I will write all my dreams down, both old and new ones so I will not forget it.

    I had different websites to write it on but among all of them, YOF is the more closer one to mine. I also chose this website because I have a tendency to forget my passwords and as a writer, I know what its like to have your ideas, notes and yes, even stories, stolen.

    I hope to have fun in this section and also, if you're reading this I'm here to say a warning. My dreams are either dark or no sense at all so I hope that I won't scare you away. I love to make friends with everyone so please don't leave me after reading my dreams. Anyway, this is all that I can say as a foreword. I can't wait to write it down!

    Love, Cryptconfessions

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