Hey everyone, the end of the year is around the corner and I'm just wondering if any of you have any BL themed new years resolutions for 2019.

For me,

1. I want to try to watch more BL, whether its nice, sweet and fluffy or explicit and MAYBE makes me wanna take a cold shower afterwards because even though my browser history can be cleared, my conscience cannot. I just wanna watch more BL themed content, or has good BL scenes in it if the content itself isn't actually BL.

2. I'd like to read more BL themed works, but maybe a little less webtoons/comics/mangas/manhwas and more light novels or novels. Mostly leaning towards light novels though, if I manage to find any. I'd just like to let my imagination do the work rather than have it all out there for me, sometimes it can be more rewarding, only if it's written well. I've spent the past few years away from novels and light novels and would like to read at least 2 in 2019, get myself into the habit of reading again.

3. Play more BL visual novels. I've been playing a lot of VN's recently but none have been BL, the last BL VN I've played was DMMD.

4. Actually spoil myself once in a blue moon (and try to not cry about it when I do) and buy a yaoi manga or any BL merch really. I like supporting artists and such but I also like seeing a good manga on the shelf I can just pick up and read, when I'm having a good mental chill moment. Away from technology, stress and people.