Okay, I kinda stole this more from Lucky Dog1.
But, I wanna have a storyline, my character is kinda the main, his name is Yin/Jin. A chinese mafia, he lost his wife and daughter (They are killed)
And he all wants revenge, on the one who killed him. So he's on many duties,

and well, i want guys who seduce eachothers or seduces him *-* they all have to fight to get Jin xDDD

It can be your OC/RPC or your favorite character, or whatever. ;D And you don't have to seduce Y.in, you also can fall in love with another character.

Who's in? ;D

You have to post information about your character!!!

Info about Yin:
Name: Yin (unknown lst name)
Blood: O+
He's quiet, mysterious, can have a bad temper.
His hair color is black, and his eyes color are dark red. He also has duties when he looks like a woman. (in theater, or maybe in a host, at least for his missions) but he really hates that.

He can be seme and uke, depends on which is going to seduce him.