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    Naruto: Cross-Dressing (Sasu x Naru)

    Summary: Sakura cross-dresses Naruto to fool Sasuke and prove their love is true. Dressed like a woman, Naruto meets Sasuke at the party. Sasuke uncovers Naruto and drags him to a hotel room where they'll have a passionate encounter.
    Status: Complete

    New fic! Sorry it's late! Fell asleep while writing it last night, so it ended up not getting done...Intended to be Death Note L/Light, but that really didn't it's SasuNaru! Again! Next time, different pairing, I promise! Have fun reading it! It' the 18+ section for a big, big reason...(so says the non-eighteen-year-old...oh well, I write the stuff so its okay!)(I think) Oh, and it will take a few posts cuz its long.

    “Um…Sakura-chan…are you sure this is…okay?”
    “Naruto, Naruto. Don’t worry! He shouldn’t be able to tell. Remember though, if he does figure it out, you better pay up!”
    “Twenty bucks and all the details! Don’t leave out anything!”
    “…Isn’t Sasuke supposed to not figure it out?”
    “If he doesn’t, it’s sooo not true love. But it is! I’d bet my whole yaoi manga collection on it! Wait, no, that’s too valuable…I’d bet half of the pictures I secretly took of you two on it!”
    “…I thought Sasuke disabled that camera…”
    “Hm-hm. Looks like the two of you were outsmarted by me!”
    “…What did you do?”
    “As soon as you disable the camera, it begins to transmit an acti-HEY!! I’m sooo not tellin’ you!”
    “Your name is Hikari, Hikari Asuhiko, and you’re a college freshman, in Tokyo U. Straight A’s, but you’re more interested in music then academics. You play the piano and violin. You’re at this party because I can’t attend; you’re a close friend of mine-from middle school. I told you to look for Sasuke, and apologize for my non-attendance. Okay?”
    I turned to the mirror-I’m never, ever, ever doing anything like this again. Sakura had dressed me up in a floor length red dress, with a high cut up the thigh. There was a skinny tied thread the color of sunlight on my waist, and Sakura had cleverly hid the fake boob bra thing I was wearing somehow. She had also somewhere along the line convinced me to adorn make-up, and the insomniac bags under my eyes were gone, and my lips were a flushed pink color. I also had on these red heels that were slowly but surely killing me. To top the nightmare off was a black, butt-length wig that Sakura had inserted a “cute sparkly thingy that is soo super sexy!” in.
    “Aww, you look soooo cute!”
    “I don’t know weather to be insulted or flattered!!”
    “Probably both, but moving on! You need to go before you’re late.”
    The plan was to test Sasuke’s devotion to me at the party tonight. There were several outcomes of the event; I had planned them all out. Eighty-six percent chance (a little under, actually, but only by about one-thousandths of a percent) that he meets with me, we talk or something along those lines, but nothing sexual happens. It means he’s obviously gay, maybe devoted, but it’s probably not absolute I-could-find-you-anywhere love. Thirteen percent chance he sees me, we meet, he flirts, and I dump because he’s not gay, not devoted, and its unrequited love. One percent chance he figures out that I was testing him. So many possible outcomes, a single occurrence-this love stuff really is unpredictable. Sakura likes this type thing…why? Girls are odd, I’ll never understand them.
    Moving sluggishly towards the car, Sakura waved me off, grinning like a fool. I lifted up the dress, careful not to drag it. Once I got into the car, I realized-I didn’t know the person who drove Sakura around. I shut the door, locked it, and buckled myself in. The driver, a brunette with a long ponytail and army cap, turned to look back at me, an odd look in her eyes.
    I nodded, resuming the shy uke character I knew Sasuke loved. She grinned, then reached for the radio, turning it up from a song that had been already playing.
    I automatically knew where she was from when it began to play.
    “You wanna know what you get when you play a country song backwards?”
    Oh great.
    “You get your house back, you get your dog back, you get your-“
    “Please’d ta’ meet ‘cha, Mr. Cross-dresser! Like country music?”
    Like hell I do.
    “It’s fine.”
    “Great! I’ll turn it up then!!”
    The dress is bad enough.
    “You get your first and second wives back.”
    The music…
    “But that’s what you get when you play a country song backwards.”
    Finally, hell was over, and now I was hopi-
    “Love is got me cut up, drives me to a door.”
    “Shook my life and hit me like a drum.”
    Damn southern people.
    “Mambo ah-eh now.”
    -Thirty minutes later-
    “-so that’s my number, got it? Call me when you’re ready.”
    “No problem. By the way, if you don’t get laid, I’m gonna be disappointed-I paid good money for that camera!”
    With that, she drove off. Shit. This world doesn’t need two Sakuras!
    I turned to look towards the hotel where the party was being held, and began following all of the other pretty women in. Everyone was dressed fancily, but sensibly; no high-cuts, no big boobs…I stick out like a sore thumb!
    I presented my invitation to the guard, who wasn’t bothering trying to hide his ogling, when I felt something brush against my ass. I turned, quickly, hoping to avoid any harassment when two long arms wrapped around my chest, and I looked up to my attacker-Sasuke!!
    -next post, please!-
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    “Hands off, bastard. This one’s mine.”
    The guard, who had probably just wet his pants, stepped back a bit before grumbling and turning away. Sasuke grabbed my hand, and began leading us into the hotel, away from the party.
    “Um, excuse me, sir, where are you taking me? I’m here to replace a friend of mine, and I need to find her friend and explain her absence, so if you could please let go of my hand? Sir?”
    My acting skills have improved, I must admit.
    Then, Sasuke turned to me grabbing my other hand and pushing me against the wall. He used his free hand to cradle my face, and his grin was maddening.
    “Well, next time you see Sakura,-“
    He moved his hand up and pulled off the wig, flinging it aside.
    “-Naruto, you can tell her I said she wasn’t missed.”

    “That easy?”
    “No, but when I feel like if I don’t go to the gate, someone is going to touch my property-“
    His hand that was pinning my hands above my head wandered down to my ass, where he began to rub and squeeze through the dress.
    “-it becomes real obvious that you,-“
    He leaned closer to my face, so our noses were just barely touching.
    “-the love of my life,-“
    His lips brushed against mine gently, a soft, gentle graze that teased the both of us.
    “-are here.”
    Our mouths finally met, crashing together like the ocean waves, and my eyes closed when Sasuke finally slipped his tongue into my mouth. His hand, lifting up the dress in the back, slipped under the pink thong Sakura had given me, and his fingers slipped up my ass.
    I broke the kiss, but before I could catch my breath, Sasuke’s lips were on mine again, and he continued feeling up my ass. I felt a bit of pain mixed pleasure as he slid one finger in and began probing my insides.
    “Sasuke…not here…”
    He pulled back, starring into my eyes. He had a murderer’s smile, and his eyes were clouded over with lust.
    “Can you make it to the room?”
    Damn arrogant semes.
    “I’m Naruto Uzumaki, the one and only. Of course I can.”
    A fox’s grin lit up broadly across his face, and moving his mouth next to my ear, he whispered to me.
    “What would you wanna bet that I can make you come before we get to the room, all over that dress and thong, turning you into my little slut?”
    My erection steadily rose, pushing at the thong and testing its limits. Sasuke moved away from the wall and, grabbing my hand, pulled the both of us into a free elevator. My free hand moved over and pressed the close-door button, and as the door slid shut, Sasuke pressed me against it, rubbing his knee against my hard-on.
    “If I win, you have to ride me tonight. I want your ass bouncing on my dick, Na~ru~to, as you slam yourself on and off me. I want to see your expression as you let yourself go and fall into a wanton state. I want you to have nothing but lust and sex on your mind as we fuck into the early hours of the day.”
    “Ah…ha…what do I…ha…get if I win?”
    “You, my sexy, bitchy, masochistic little uke, can be seme tonight. IF you win.”
    Light, moving with the grace of water, reached his hand through the slit in the dress and below the thong, kissing my face and neck as he did so. His hand, warm and wet, grabbed my erect member, and pumped up and down, causing the most delightful of sensations to be sent up my spine. I moaned as my body began to betray me, crumbling to this man’s intentions. White precome leaked from my tip, and Sasuke’s hand smeared it over the rest of my penis, causing more moans to be drawn from my mouth.
    “Someone’s close…so much for a bet.”
    “Why would I stop when you’re obviously enjoying it soo much, L~?”
    My body shook as I came, ruining the dress Sakura had given me. She’ll kill me! And…the…bet…ccrraapp…
    Sasuke grinned triumphantly at me, licking a tear that had been squeezed out off of my cheek.
    “We’re at our floor.”
    “…I can’t move…”
    My legs, weak from the orgasm, refused to move, and trembled as Sasuke swooped me up into his arms. I was being carried like a girl in the classic princess-style. His ego is as big as his dick. And that’s pretty…yeah…
    “Looks like my cute little ojou-sama needs a prince to carry her~.”
    “Fuck you.”
    “That’s what I’ll be doing-except, you’ll be doing more of the work.”
    He leaned down and kissed me gently on the lips, like he was feeling the petals of a flower. Sasuke then straightened, and sprinted down to a room and, pulling out a key card, opened it. He carried me in and threw me gently on the bed, closing the door with a kick.
    “Do you remember the bet?”
    My face rapidly flushed-does he live to embarrass me?
    I was rapidly nodding as Sasuke sat next to me and began lifting his shirt off, giving me a nice view of his abs. He turned to me; raven hair shinning from the moonlight filtering in from the window. My seme then proceeded to tug the dress off my body, and I willingly obliged, shedding the red fabric like a snake sheds its skin. He pushed me onto the bed, kissing and biting my neck, marking proof of our night. I raised my arms to his chest, and, pushing him over, straddled him at the waist.
    “We did have a bet.”
    My boyfriend smirked, and grabbed onto my waist.
    “Hn. You better fulfill.”
    Putting my hands on his chiseled chest, I leaned down and rubbed my ass against his upright dick.
    “Oh, I will.”
    I stuck three fingers in my mouth, sloppily wetting them, and then preceded to move them to my ass, where I stuck the first finger in. Biting my tongue, I felt around as I added a second finger until I grazed a point that made me feel like heaven. Sasuke smirked when he noticed that I had found my ecstasy, and started slowly fisting me as I inserted a third finger. The third hurt like a bitch, but by touching that extra-sensitive bundle of nerves, it wasn’t bad at all.
    “Na-ru-to~Hurry up.”
    I guided my ass over his ercet member with only a bit of help, and slowly came down on it, lowering myself until he was fully inside me. God, it hurt!
    “Naru…are you okay?”
    My lover asked this worriedly, and with a glint in my eyes, I responded by quickly slamming myself up and down on him, brushing my prostate almost every time.
    “I ain’t…ha…a doll, bastard.”
    The usual calm and controlled Sasuke I knew was lost in pleasure, moaning my name as I rode him. I love seeing him lose the outer façade, the mask that hides him away from the world.
    “Naru…I-I’m coming!”
    He came inside me, filling up my insides and myself to full, as I came with a shudder over his chest. He looked over at me as I rolled off of him, a smile gracing his features.
    “I love you. Even when you try to test me by dressing as a girl.”
    “I l-love you too…sorry…”
    “Don’t apologize. Or do it again. I can’t let anyone else see you so sexy-that’s for my eyes only.”
    “Possessive much?”
    He sat up, and then got above me, putting my arms above my head.
    “Hn. Ready for round two?”
    I grimaced. He’s gotta be kidding. He smirked and leaned down, kissing my chest and pulling at my nipples.
    Obviously not.
    “My ass hurts! No fucking way!”
    “WWAAAHHH!!! Go to hell, bastard!”
    “Love you too, Naruto.”
    -THE END-

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    Wow... this one was really hot!

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    Very funny! Naruto dressed like a girl! :hamtaro-005 (5): I laughed a lot!

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    Thanks a bunch!!

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    when sasuke said "Naru...I-I'm coming!"
    that kind a through me off
    shouldnt the uke say somethin like that
    but overall the story is good^_*

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    I like it!!!! Thx a lot for another fanfic with Sasuke x Naruto!!!!! I love you! :valentine223:

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