Ian's point of view.
I woke up in the new room,' where am I ?' I asked myself and quickly put my glasses on and looked around and relaxed as I recognised the new bedroom that was one of the penthouses of my fathers hotel that he had bought and moved us to for a scenery change and new start since my mother cheated on father.

Slowly I got out of bed and walked to my pre chosen clothes for the day and got ready for the day at my new school , I pulled on my tight black jeans and a tight vest and covered it with a fishnet top and long gloves and walked to the bathroom to put my eyeliner and lip ring on.
I walked to the lift and got in and started to go to the ground floor and held my bag in my hand as I sighed and closed my eyes.
As I walked out the lift I saw my father talking to large man that was tall and masculine and had a soft sun kissed olive skin his dark hair suiting his tanned body even as he was in a guards suit and nodded at me with a small smile in my direction which made me blush and look away to my father.
"Dad I'm off to school can I have some lunch money?"
"sure son" My father said in his gravely yet handsome voice and handed me a $20 not which I realised was enough for me to get some more cigarettes as well and I smiled at him.
"Thanks dad." I said gratefully and started walking to the doors of the hotel my hips swaying in the tight pants a distinct sound of a hum of appreciation coming to my ears and I smiled as I walked out the doors into the far too sunny town that we now lived in and headed to the shop and got my self some cigarettes and headed towards my new high school and looked around at thee large cheerful building and all the typical boys and girls of the school it was like a scene from a movie.
I walked into the school and headed to the small place that I could only assume was the office and looked at the blond receptionist inside and walked to her.
"Excuse me I'm the transfer student I'm here to collect my timetable and locker number please." I said as quickly as I could earning me a soft chuckle.
"Calm down, and name please and I don't bite so breath before you pass out." The woman said smiling gently at me making me laugh nervously ass she started to print off the papers I needed and handed them to me making me smile as I saw I had my favourite classes to day one after another and started to leave to look for the room I needed that was when I bumped into a mini version of the man from this morning making me blush and tip my head down.
"I'm sorry it was an accident." I say shyly and move to walk past him only to have a firm hand grip my wrist and pull me back and winced slightly.
"What do we have here a little faggot emo ?" He asked mockingly making me sigh and roll my eyes.
"yeah I'm both of those things you got a problem with it Mr. I'm the jock who deserves everyone's respect handed to me on a platter." I said back at him scornfully.
"Oh! it has balls." He said making the other football jocks laugh and the cheerleaders smirk.