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    Lightbulb Gesshoku Kitan ✵ Syundei [Eng]

    Gesshoku KitanSyundei [Eng]

    Original Title: Gesshoku Kitan

    Alt. Title: 月食奇譚

    Author/Artist: Syundei

    Year of release: 2017

    Published by: Akaneshinsha

    Group(s) Scanlating: Entwined Trees Scans

    Summary: High school student Hoshino Terumichi always sees the same dream. A dream of a boy from the Taisho Era being strangled by a man he calls Sensei. One day a mysterious classmate, Yamada Omihito, appears before him. The reason they became attracted to each other is… A Karmic curse which has resulted in many casualties. A bizarre story about pure love.

    Download Gesshoku Kitan Manga:

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    Re: Gesshoku Kitan ✵ Syundei [Eng]

    thank you

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