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    Duty VS Love: A Demon's Choice (Kotorichan & Raychu) [R18]

    Angel King:

    Angel Civilian:

    Razael couldn't stand his life anymore. Well, no, he loved his life. He didn't love the demon filth that had stepped into his kingdom. Alas, his father gave him no choice. Marry or lose rights to his throne. That latter wasn't going to happen so the angel gave into the demand and put forth his hand in the marriage. Still, inviting demon scum into the castle. How vulgar and disgusting. Everything needed to be cleaned. Every seat his husband had sat on needed to wiped down three times just to make sure it no longer had the filth of the demon on it. Not that Raz was the only one to show hatred for the male... Other members of the court didn't take the marriage too well either. They became rather disdainful towards him, the king, because he was forced into an unfair marriage. Because of that, there was a grudge held against three people... His parents and Eloini De Veruin.

    He paced the throne room, huffing and puffing. His issue at the moment had nothing to do with his lousy demon husband. No, one of the servants had ripped his favorite jacket. Sure, the rip was salvageable, but that didn't matter. Now he was fuming from a simple mistake that anyone could and most likely would make. That servant was fired and harshly thrown out of the castle without a second glance. Now the king had to hire someone to sew the rip back up and make it look as good as new. He knew one place that hadn't, for a lack of better words, royally fucked up just yet. That famous store... What was it again? Jewels and Fabrics. Yes, that owner was such a hard worker and made stunning pieces when commissioned. Surely the owner was capable of sewing a simple rip.

    "You," he hissed at one of the various servants in the room. He didn't really know any of their names, they weren't worth remembering in the first place. All of them were nothing but insects beneath his feet, as he dared to crush each and every one, holding his power over them at all times. "Ready the carriage and tell that demon to ready himself. We are heading into the town."

    Razael knew he had complete power over his husband and that the man how to bow down and so as he said or... Unfortunate things could happen to him. Eloini was lucky enough to even have the rights to walk freely around the castle as he did. As long as the king was able to interact him as little as possible, they were good. Raz didn't even sleep in the same bed as the man and constantly brought other people into his bed... Not very surprising that he wasn't a very monogamous individual. He had no reason to remain loyal to his husband, they weren't married out of anything silly like love, it was just a duty.

    Once everything had been set, Raz got into the carriage, sitting across from his husband with a scowl on his face. He had nothing to say to the man and that's how it remained the entire trip. He barely even held any eye contact with Eloini. Why did he even bring the man out if he had no intention of talking with him? One, he was giving a little treat to the man to keep him under control. Two, Raz had other errands to run and he wasn't going to wait around all day for his jacket to be fixed, he'd leave that job to his husband... Hoping that he even was even capable of doing that. Arriving at Jewels & Fabrics, Razael went inside, dragging his spouse along without giving him much of a choice. He shot a few glares before approaching the smaller male... Only by around two inches, he was still small in his frame as well.

    "Hello... How may I help you, your highness?" Fear lingered in Simiil's voice. He wasn't dumb, this was the king that ruined angel's lives. He looked down out of submission, afraid his shop would be destroyed by just one inappropriate look. Simmy couldn't lose the life he had made, so he just needed to suck up his energy and keep respectful in front of the king.

    "You are capable of sewing, yes? I need you to fix this. Do it by the end of today and I'll pay you triple," Razael commanded, his voice booming as he slipped off his jacket, passing it over to Simiil. His sky blue eye's studied the other male with a pleased look. He liked when people became so small under his gaze.

    "Sir... I have other... Understood. Simiil knew better than to argue with a royal. He just needed to push off his other commissions and focus on the jacket specifically. It wasn't a huge tear but it wasn't small either. He could finish within the hour at least. Glancing up, he saw that condescending smirk from the man and held in his grief. This was the king after all, no one should ever question him or speak bad about him. He'd sentence them to a fate worse than death.

    "Splendid. You, sit and stay. Make sure this peasant doesn't dare cause any further tears to my lovely jacket," Razael said, treating his husband like a dog. With one last glance between the two, he exited the store quickly and gracefully, as a king should. He had other things to do, different people to visit, and more things to buy. Eloini should be capable of sitting still like a good demon puppy and not have a hard time making sure his jacket remained in good hand.

    "How- How infuriating! I oughtta make more rips-... I'm very sorry your highness. I did not mean to use such insolent words towards king Razael. Forgive me for my impudence," Simiil squeaked, giving a small bow to the demon with an apologetic look. He wasn't aware of how the king treated his husband, but most angels were infuriated by the marriage. Simmy only cared because someone ended up being forced into a marriage with an awful man. Still, he didn't want the male in front of him going to the king and tattling on him about his choice of words... That would be his death. So he needed to remain humble, kind, and cool. He just had to let the words go and focus on fixing the jacket.
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    Re: Duty VS Love: A Demon's Choice (Kotorichan & Raychu) [R18]


    Eloi wasn’t sure if he would ever get used to life in the angel’s palace. It wasn’t how all the angels glared at him, or how they blatantly disrespected him. It was just how safe it felt. Strange as it seemed, this was the first time in years that he didn’t feel like his life was at danger at every moment. He would rather be hated or even abused by his husband than worry about having his brothers slit his throat in his sleep.

    Here Eloi could live in relative peace. He could spend his days in the palace library or the gardens, painting or reading. Every couple hours he would receive some kind of harassment from his husband, a servant, or a visiting noble. Occasionally someone would purposefully ruin his paintings or steal the book he was currently reading. But that was never enough to really bother him. Of course the fact that it didn’t bother him just seemed to infuriate the angels even more.

    Eloi was in the middle of a painting when a servant arrived to tell him that he was summoned.

    “His majesty wants you to join him on an errand, hurry up and get ready so you don’t embarrass anyone.” The servant spoke in a curt tone that would normally be reserved for someone of a lower class, not royalty.

    “I will be ready in just a few minutes.” Eloi rose to his feet and packed up his supplies before returning to his room. He changed into an elegant outfit and lightly brushed his hair out before going to join Raz in the carriage.

    The demon bowed his head to the king as he entered the carriage. “Your majesty…” He murmured. He remained silent for the rest of the ride, staring out the window at the world passing by. It was hard for him to imagine that there were people who lived their lives without needing to worry about who might sneak poison in their dinner.

    Eloi wondered what it would be like to live that sort of life. What would fill the thoughts of people who wouldn’t have to constantly worry about such things? Did they constantly worry about other things? His thoughts were interrupted as the carriage stopped and he was led out and into the store.

    As they entered the store Eloi’s gaze was pulled by the beautiful fabrics and jewelry. He hadn’t bought new clothes since he arrived in this new country, so he had never been in one of these shops. Eventually his eyes landed on the angel who was clearly uncomfortable with the king’s presence.

    Eloi bowed his head at the order, not bothering to show any kind of emotion. The shop owner’s words caught him by surprise. There was an angel who would actually say those sorts of things about the king? What kind of angel didn’t blindly follow Raz? Everything that Eloi had seen made it seem like every angel loved their king and hated the demon who had stolen his hand in marriage.

    “There is no need to apologize…” Eloi spoke in a calm, almost emotionless tone. “I have no reason to be offended by your words. I am sure that it difficult for you to fit this into your busy schedule… And it must not help to have someone like me left in your store.” He let out a soft sigh. “Would you like me to sit in the back of your store so I do not scare off your other customers?”

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