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    Re: Sensitive Pornograph (uncensored) [Eng]

    So damn sexy
    Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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    Re: Sensitive Pornograph (uncensored) [Eng]

    Quote Originally Posted by Angel0fS!n View Post
    Sensitive Pornograph (uncensored) Anime

    Title: Sensitive Pornograph
    Written by: Ashika Sakura
    Genre: yaoi
    Number of Episodes: 1 - have 2 part
    Year : 2004

    Part 1 : The story begins with Seiji Yamada (Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura), a young shonen manga artist, who develops an affair with a fellow mangaka, who writes hentai, named Sono Hanasaki, who is also his favorite artist. The plot-line develops from Yamada mistaking Sono for a girl. After having discovered him to be a boy, Seiji still falls in love with him, and they have an intimate affair. Seiji becomes distraught when he learns of Sono's past tendencies of sleeping around, and for a time the two become separated. However, they eventually reconcile after Seiji learns of the emotional damage Sono has suffered as a result of being abandoned and used only for sex.

    Part 2 : The second part begins with Ueno, a student in college, who works part-time as a pet sitter, receiving an assignment to take care of a rabbit.

    Upon arriving at the specified address, looking for a rabbit named Aki-chan, he finds that there is no rabbit. Instead he discovers a young man bound, naked, in a closet, apparently a sex slave to the man who hired Ueno. Aki-chan is chagrined to realize that his lover/master has created a twist on a sexual thrill situation for himself - he has sent strangers to Aki-chan for sex before, but tricking someone into the apartment is a new twist. Aki-chan knows his master wants to watch from a distance while Aki-chan has sex with the duped Ueno. Explaining that his master will get mad if things don't go his way, and may even hurt Ueno, Aki-chan persuades him to have sex to .....

    Download Sensitive Pornograph OVA:
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    Watch Sensitive Pornograph Online (HD Quality):
    Sensitive Pornograph Online

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    is this in MP4 format???

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    Re: Sensitive Pornograph (uncensored) [Eng]

    I've been going downtown over years for this anime and finally found it!! Thankyou soo muchh🙏

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