Name: Gene
Age: 28
Preference: Seke
Race: Human
Personality: easy-going, open-minded, hard-working, and I lover of sweet. He works in the art department of his local college and where his glasses only when he needs to. Near sighted as he is😄 He likes to eat at his favorite café on the corner of the street he lives on. He loves cat but has A slight fear of dogs. He'll tell you himself later if you ask him why😉

Name: Pet(until his master/owner gives him one)
Age: unknown but somewhere in the 700 range
Race: bird hybrid-(otherwise known as angels)
Preference: whatever his owner likes
Personality: he is soft-spoken, gentle and kind. He does what he's told were very little argument. He secretly wishes to be free so he can be his own person with his own life. And enjoys fruits and walks in open spaces. Although he does have wings he has never been taught how to use them. At one time one of his previous owners had abused him severely and had broken his leg at the knee and it never healed properly so he walks with a slight limp.

Name: Zuri (white in Basque)
Age: somewhere around 26/27 maybe, he doesn't really remember.
Preference: he doesn't have one
Race: Neko
Personality: he was born in a Neko breeding camp with six brothers and three sisters. They were trained from the very beginning to be a companion for humans. He has had 4 previous owners and is now once again in an Neko adoption center. He is trained in many areas and will be an excellent companion. He is even tempered although slightly grumpy and quiet. He enjoys reading in a quiet corner by himself and has a secret love for plushies. His one and only personal possession that he has been able to keep over the years has been a rabbit plush that a little girl from his second owner at the age of 12 gave him.