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    Shiro Neko By TOJITSUKI Hajime [ENG]

    Shiro Neko By TOJITSUKI Hajime [ENG]

    Title :
    Shiro Neko

    Associated Names : 白猫 / Shironeko / White Cat
    Author(s) : TOJITSUKI Hajime

    Released : 2005
    Groups Scanlating : Loveless

    Genre : Comedy , Romance , School Life , Sci-fi , Slice of Life , Yaoi

    Summary :
    Collection of oneshots:

    1) Shiro Neko (The Cat Shiro)
    Sensei is a veterinarian who works hard and always sleep in the last train. One day, a boy wake him up and all that he thinks is "Kind childen really do exist"... But is that little kid really kind? Or is he like a stray cat?

    2) Sweet Days
    Asai and Yoh were childhood friends, but Asai had to move out, so he leaves a lesson to Yoh: "You should get stronger". Years later, Asai is a new student and, whoa, Yoh studies there too, but... He became a deliquent?!

    3) And Sheep
    "It's impossible to talk to animals", that what Lin said when he was visiting Kuranosuke, a genius that knows everything about quantum physics, fundamental chemistry and medicine. After eating with him, Lin goes home and sleeps. On the next he wake up a little... Animal?!

    4) Himitsu no Hanashi (What We Keep Silent About)
    Yori has a homossexual brother and he just can't stand that. But, to be more complicated, Kawamori, a close friend, likes him. Yori tries to ignore it, but when a girl appears, what will he do? "What if Kawamori falls for someone else...".

    5) Endless End
    One day, Akutsu meets Mizumoto in a empty street. "I'm glad I meet you. I was wondering what do to if I were the only one alive". Those meetings keep on going when they are alone, but in school Mizumoto ignores him. Will they only talk in a empty world?

    6) Summer Vocation
    A extra from Sweet Days, with Asai and Yoh's young brother.

    Read Shiro Neko Manga Online :

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    Download Shiro Neko Manga :

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    Re: Shiro Neko By TOJITSUKI Hajime [ENG]

    Thank you very much for sharing the link

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