If anyone has been trying to get their hands on this book, they have a limited stock available over at akadot.com. "Limited" being the operative word, so they can be sold out at any time. If that happens though, then go over to amazon and check out Akadot's store. They usually have a few more copies there in limited stock, but they cost about $10 more than what they offer on their own website...plus shipping.

Anyway, Akadot is pretty reputable, and I've bought a few things from them before without a single problem. I'm not sure about their shipping rates for any country other than the US, but I do know that they ship internationally. However, all that being said, BUYER DISCRETION IS ADVISED . That should be a given for anything you order online, right?

Here is the [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] for details on their most frequently asked questions--shipping, included.

And here's the direct [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] to Deadlock vol. 01.

Akadot has sales like this on rare BL titles quite often (always in limited stock), so it'd probably benefit you to sign up for their emailed news letter, and you'll get those alerts. That's how I got my copy of "No Touching At All," "ZE vol. 06,"and "Private Teacher vol. 01."

Hope this helps someone.