Personal ID
Status: - Single - Virgin
Name: - Maxwell Hallowway
Nickname: - Max, Maxie
Sex: - Male
Position: Feisty Uke ((can be mischievous though))
Race: - Human
Years: - 14 ((If I can't have that age then he's 18))
Height: - 5'6
Hair- Jet black
Eyes- pale brown


- Max grew up in a family where it was hard to get food and clothes. They were poor and would often move from place to place all over the US. Max always had to look out for his brothers, even though he was the youngest, but soon the brothers got into a drug war with a gang called Black Mamba.
The father was some what of a drug addict and dead beat while the mother got into alcohol and abused it so badly she'd often beat Max. Finally Max decided to try to help his parents out by giving them a new drug on the street called Shotgun. Shotgun was never tested before, but he figured it was fine. However when his parents took it and fell asleep they never woke up. Max has blamed himself for their deaths and the deaths of his brothers because they ran off to find the makers of Shotgun themselves, and didn't survive.
Max was only seven at the time this all happened.
Now he wanders the streets, trying to stay out of everyone's way and find shelter and food to live off of. Max is a spitfire, but he is very loving and chipper when he gets to know someone.


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- - - Updated - - -

Status: Single - Never Married - Bisexual
Name: Daxson Hunnymud
Nickname: Dax
Sex: Male
Position: Seke
Race: Human or Demon
Years: 29
Height: 6'2
Hair: Black
Eyes: pale green

History: Will do later. or upon questioning. Depends on the roleplay setting.

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