He's 19 years old, comes from a well-to-do family that basically just sent him off to boarding school then sent him off to which ever college he wanted to go to. His parents were really hands off with him. Boarding school was pretty rough on him since he was often bullied due to his height and stutter which left him basically unable to function in large crowds and your everyday social interactions. Unfortunately for him, he was told that he could choose whatever school that he wanted, but he would be going to college. So, now he attends night classes in order to avoid the crowds. He only leaves the house when he needs to go to class, shopping, or to see his therapist who he has been working with for a while now in order to overcome his past and move on. When it comes to FCs, I generally use Len Kagamine.

(In other words, he was one of my first characters >> xD)

Josh (OPEN)-
An outgoing and playful guy who spends more time getting tattoos or piercings done than attempting to finish his degree. He's 22, and has a lover in every town... Okay, not really, but he does enjoy giving the love and receiving it. It's not that he doesn't like to be in a relationship, it's just that he can't seem to find someone that he clicks with, so he doesn't bother anymore. His family is middle class, but he cut ties with them when he came out since they were the homophobic type. Since then, he's been supporting himself by working odd jobs on top of his regular graveyard shift at a local gas station. It's hard to make ends meet, but he manages. I actually really don't have an FC for him, but he has black curly hair (dyed) that comes to the base of his neck, stands at 5'9, a lithe build, tattoos across his back, neck, both arms, and over his right shoulder. He also has his lip, tongue, eyebrow, nose, and his left ear pierced all the way up the side. Also, he has dark brown eyes.

Jacob (OPEN)-
An 18 year old who comes from a huge and very wealthy family. They are all invested in the Academy that his cousin in the headmaster of. Jacob, of course, graduated from said Academy when he was 18, and immediately left the place due to certain memories being associated with it. He had met his first love there when he was 16. It had been a man that was almost 7 years older than him, but the age difference hadn’t stopped them from having a relationship that was heavy on the physical aspect. Right before his 18th birthday, his lover at the time had decided to go back to England to work on his novel that would quickly turn into a best seller.

This had done a number on him emotionally, and he barely made it to his graduation, but he did. He ended up applying to a college across the country and moved into an apartment near the campus right after he left the Academy.

Basically, this character has a LOT of backstory and drama involved, but he is a personal favorite of mine. I usually use Gareki for his FC.

Dmitri (TAKEN)-
(Aka the one who has a kid) He made the mistake of getting his then girlfriend pregnant when he was 15. They had decided to keep the kid and get married when they turned 18, but things went south when she died during childbirth. He couldn't bear giving up their child, so with the help of his family and hers, he raised their daughter. Now 21, he and his 5 year old daughter live in a small apartment while he goes to school full-time. Her grandparents watch her while he is in class and also while he works, so he doesn't have to worry about daycare costs. Over all, it's not a horrible situation. Personality wise, he's pretty sweet, kind, and a caring person. He's not the smartest overall and doesn't get the best grades in school, but he tries. He can be slow on the uptake when it comes to hints romantically too and has screwed up more than one friendship with his inability to see when they are showing interest. FC wise, I like to use Ayato Sakamaki.