Teito’s POV Chapter 1
“Mhmm”, Frau mumbled as he stumbled in the kitchen, scratching his stomach+ was still yawning,”Teito, how long you have you been up”, he said groggily. “Long enough to make you a big breakfast”, I said happily”, Just wait a little longer, okay”? “Mmm… even in the morning…so damn sexy”, he suddenly hugged me from behind, completely ignoring my request, his large being engulfed my small one and I could feel butterfly kisses on my neck and down the small of my back, his hands reaching underneath my apron my, underneath my pajama shirt and played with my nipple,” Damn,” he moaned lustfully in my ear”, if only you weren’t wearing anything underneath and licked my ear. “ N-No”, I moaned, holding onto the counter when he turned off the stove and pulled me away. My body, sensitive as always, was already feeling hot”, S-Stop i-it, frau…n-not s-so early in the morning”, I was panting heavily as he continued caressing my nipples, eventually trailing down to caress my stomach and went further down-“, Y-you’re g-gonna be late… You have t-that huge business d-deal, s-so if y-you’re l-late, t-th-the’ll call it off”. He ignored my protest, continuing to go down further, teasing me, until he finally reached it but continued to tease me as he touched the tip of my member softly,” You’re not very good at lying”, he breathed lustfully”, you know you want this more than I do, but you can’t admit what you want, which I think is very cute, you being stubborn, I mean”, he pressed his body more firmly against mine, his thinly clothed member rubbed up against my thigh, which made me gasp. “In fact, I bet you’re just aching for it, aren’t cha’?”, he smirked that devious smirk that always makes me swoon, egging me on, making my body flush further as he continued rubbing my member slowly, continuously caressing hot breaths and hot butterfly kisses on my skin. “ F-frau…”, I finally moaned, giving in to his touches and kisses. “ Teito”, he moaned back, reaching further down and immediately stuck a big digit in my hole, taking off my pajama bottoms with his other hand. “Damn… I haven’t started yet and you’re already so we”, he chuckled,” Shows just how much you want it”. “ S-Shut up”, I pouted”, Don’t complain, you get what you get , if you don’t like it, then you can stop”. “ Now?- when I’m already this far?”, he licked his lips as he saw the amount of cum dripping off his finger where he stuck my hole in,” Hell no”. “Then stop talking and do me already, finish what you started”, I continued pouting but blushed furiously at my persistence. “hooooh”, he smirked,” Such a persistent side of you is so… unlike you… you should do it more often”. “S-Shut up, I said!”, I squeaked angrily and blushed more furiously”, D-Don’t you get used to it! Just do it already!” ‘Teito”, he went back to moaning my name again, reinserting his finger in my hole.” Frau”, I gasped out loud in pleasure as he finger-fucked me. I screamed for more and for him to do it harder. He finally succeeded stripped my thin, now soaking wet apron along with my thin, now soaking wet pajama shorts and tank, and tossed it aside without his finger leaving my hole and hotly kissed my slim back, trailing his tongue up and down and sucking it softly. He eventually trailed up to the side of my neck where I arched my neck as he continuously teased with his tongue, making swirling motions, constantly sending butterfly kisses up and down, and grazed it lightly with the tips of his teeth. “Frau!”, I screamed again as he thrusted again, at the same time nibbling down sweetly on my neck. “Teito”, he growled deeply and roared as his thrusting became more erratic, our moans mingled with the rhythm of his rapid thrusting , and the wriggling of my butt. A few seconds later, we both came, although I came harder.” Ikidakimtsu”, he said jokingly as he licked every part that was covered in cum greedily. “ St-Stop playing around, Frau, you have to go…now…you’re late already as it is”, I again blush furiously,” I didn’t even have time to finish your breakfast”, I whined. “That’s okay”, he breathed hotly in my ear,” I’ve already had my fill… or do you want me to eat more?”, he plastered his signature devious smile. “I-Idiot!”, I continued blushing,” You really have to stop teasing me, can’t you ever take your work seriously without any of this in the morning?! Now you’re an hour late, people are gonna be pissed at you more than they already are!”, I sighed,” How about this…if you go to work now, later when you get home, there’s gonna be a big surprise waiting for you”, I pulled in for a deep kiss which he instantly reacted, pulling in deeper, squeezing my butt,” I know, I know, I’m going”, he separated our lips, which left a trail of saliva, which he greedily licked up and headed for a quick shower n his business suit.” Thanks for the food, babe, it was delicious, he teased, before opening the door. “Fr-Frau”, I yelled blushing. “I’m going, I’m going”, he leaned for one more deep kiss and he was out of the apartment.