Status: Alive
First Name: Ryou
Last name: Unknown
Nickname: North
Sex: Male
Position: Seke
Race: Half Japanese / Quarter French / Quarter American
Years: Eighteen in Three Mouths and Four Days
Height: 5'4
Weight: 56.2 KG
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dyed Blue

Ryou finds the thing he hates most about the Zombie apocalypse is that he didn't lose his virginity before it started. Often caught saying: I’m heading north. I don’t care if it’s by sea, land, or jumping roof to roof like a ninja – I’m going north; Ryou handles everything with a level of calmness that makes him seem more okay with things then he really is. Selfish without fault, Ryou never does anything without thinking how it will affect him first, and doesn't mind doing or saying whatever it takes to stay alive - being a liar just another quirk of his. The things that come out of his mouth should be taken with a grain of salt; the brash, uncaring way he speaks not changing in the slightest even with the world going to shit.

Random information:
-Having spent one mouth locked away in his room for unknown reasons by his family - three days before the Zombie apocalypse he was finally allowed out
- Novice MMA fighter (best at grappling)
- Often talks before thinking
-Even with the world going to shit Ryou still harbors a love of all things sweet and stops no matter what if he sees a place that might be caring sweets.
- Ryou handles pressure well; during a crisis Ryou will probably have the most level head
- If suffering from boredom he’s often found trying to rip his hair out
- Appears very cocky, but is actually more times than not just putting on a show
- Claims to hate all people with a “Shit dumb hero complex”
- Knows a little French
- Mother Half French / Half American and Father Japanese
- Two brothers and one sister
- Fluent in American and Japanese
- Family is a grey spot for Ryou – he was with them when everything started, but something happened and...he left

Last seen heading north after looting from a gas station, a duffel bag filled with contraband slung over his shoulder and a frightened clerk by his side.