Since I am lacking of confidence to jump into someone's thread at the moment /hides herself, I'm proposing two characters.
So if you aren't afraid of mistakes, feel free to send me a PM /o/ !

Status : Free
Name : Mark
Nickname : Shark (Bboy nickname)
Position : seke
Years : 22
Height : 1.87cm
Weight : 70kg
Earrings at the right ear
Occupation : biology student
Biography : Raised by his grandparents because of two busy working parents, he doesn't know what a real family is. During his teen years, he fought a lot with his father and his mother decided to just let him be. But he wanted them to just notice him for once. Since, he grows up as a bitter young adult toying with people. At university, he is well liked and people tend to forgive his narcissistic side. Especially the girls. They all say "he's too handsome !". And if someone doesn't think that… Well Mark thinks this person must be blind.

Despite his good figure, Mark isn't into sport. Officially. But in fact, he likes dancing and bboying. He's a member of a small group and hides it at the uni. Those close friends know the real Mark. The one who's short-tempered, is clingy when he loves someone, yells easily, has a sweet tooth and is scared of loneliness.

Could someone see beyond the Mister-Perfect mask at the uni ? What could happen from there ?

random facts : likes jazz and hip-hop, cookies, trying new restaurants, horror & action movies, sleeping, cats

Status : Free
Name : He Jing
Nickname : Hei
Position : uke
Years : 31
Height : 1.73cm
Weight : 61kg
Occupation : assistant inspector
Has a psychic ability -> mind reading
Biography : Being a cop was his little boy's dream. Fighting bad guys, defending the law and the weak, all those things super heroes would do. He studied hard, made some sacrifices and a harsh reality slapped his face. Rotten colleagues, superiors who just want to be safe and don't care a thing about the truth, lawyers ready to do everything in order to win their case. Years ticked while his ideals disappeared. At some point, he almost lost his life, shot by a suspect he was following.

After a near-death experience, he awakens with a strange ability. Not something pleasant to be honest. Knowing what his acquaintances thinks gives birth to paranoia and distrust. At the same time, he begins to be one of the best cops of the station.

Could he free his mind and explain everything to someone ? Or could he be used without knowing it ?

random facts : likes beer - he really knows how to drink -, stargazing, 70's / 80's music, perfume fetishist, rainy days, chinese food, shiba inu