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    [October 2013] Miss Pilot

    Miss Pilot tells the story of the honest Haru Tezuka who surprisingly found her way applying at ANA (All Nippon Airways) after having a hard time looking for a job. As she pass the test, Haru worries if she'll be able to go through the harsh training.

    (Actress/Actor - Character)

    Maki Horikita - Haru Tezuka
    Saki Aibu - Chisato Oda
    Takumi Saito - Konosuke Kunikida
    Nanami Sakuraba - Suzu Abeno
    Nanao - Noriko Suzuki
    Shotaro Mamiya - Yasuji Kishii
    Yu Koyanagi - Sho Kotori
    Ryusei Fujii - Kazuo Yamada
    Ken Shounozaki - Maya Morohoshi
    Ema Fujisawa - Kanoko Saegusa
    Koichi Iwaki - Katsutoyo Shinozaki

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    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    i'm so freaking excited to see this.
    knowing that it's Horikita Maki, i'll never pass this up.

    she's known from Hana Kimi and Nobuta wo Produce.
    although she starred in uninteresting dramas/movies, she's the reason i keep watching them;
    (well, not all of them) 'cause i love her and i can't stop fangirling over her.

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    Re: [October 2013] Miss Pilot

    Ah I have this drama of Maki loved and looked like .
    I was thrilled when I saw the trailer and I was by all
    Episodes very excited .

    I think it's a shame that there was not special to this drama.
    It would have been the love scene between Konosuke and Haru still
    able to expand more .

    I knew from the beginning that she was in love with him .

    Chisato always walked me start on my nerves because she had to play a loner . Well I do not like the actress in general .
    Because I 've seen so far of this actress just roll
    where she just comes across as annoying and totally arogant . I knew
    of her only bad roll .

    But when she finally became normal in the last few episodes and Haru has helped and was finally able to laugh Seriously , I liked it very much in this drama .

    I'm going to buy myself the drama definitely on DVD!

    What I found really interesting was the training of pilots.
    And their tasks which a pilot has to remember everything.
    He is responsible for a whole aircraft and its passengers.
    He must take full responsibility if anything happens .
    The flight simulators I found class.

    What would interest me the most is whether all this with
    were allowed to turn right aircraft, or if it's all in large
    City halls found .

    Anyway, the whole airports were real!
    And the uniforms they wore were real !
    Just as they are worn in Japan!

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