Beautiful Thing

Themes: Drama,Romance,Shounen-ai,coming of age/coming out,Yaoi
Country: UK (1996)

In the rougher part of town- Jamie and his mother live together. His mother (Sandra) has a lover (whos younger than her) and a dream of a better life. Jamie is single and well a little different. He spends his time hanging out with Leah (a neighbor who's on everything-people and drugs) and crushing on Ste his neighbor. Ste has a terrible family- he is bashed and used by them. After one mega fight - Sandra takes him in for awhile. Ste and Jamie share a room and some sparks fly. Jamie makes his move and Ste can't accept his own sexuality. After some persistence on Jamie's part they get together. However, their parents don't know. What will happen to them? Will Jamie be moving? You have to watch to find out :P

This film portrays the feelings between the boys in such a natural way- its refreshing. They pain Ste goes through (his physically abused) and Leahs' druggie escapades also show reality.The clincher for me is definitely Sandra. Maybe i just like mother characters but shes fantastic her reactions are her feelings on everything are so real and powerful. Anyway, this is basically a classic film in the BL genre a real cute film.