Themes: Drama,Romance,Comedy,coming out,married,Yaoi,
Country: Switzerland (2002)


Jean-Pierre is our man character a man in his fifties/sixties who is very successful. There's a little more to it than that though...he is still in the closet at home and at work.He chases out his lover in the morning (Armando), for fear his cleaner Ana will find out (she already knows ha ha ). He is a renowned professor in womans literature and gets some prestige position. At the same time though, he gets a letter. The Swiss government has carefully selected him (randomly from the phone book) to be a guardian for an orphan. Jean-Pierre does not want to be a guardian at all costs he wants to reject the guardianship. Antoine (the child) is actually almost 17 and also doesn't want a guardian. So Jean-Pierre enlists the help of his estranged wife in order to convince social services that hes too busy for a child. On they way he faces many problems and ruins his relationships with all the drama. Can he rebuild them? Can he show everyone his true self? Will he abandon Antoine?

This is a pretty good film-it shows the struggle of an older man who has not yet come out of the closet. There's a lot of drama in this film and its pretty funny too. It also deals with a lot of realistic problems that people of all walks of life face. This is seen through the other characters problems. The film could have developed Jean-Pierre's and Antoine's relationship. Other than that good film, pretty funny.