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    Brokeback Mountain BL movie review

    Brokeback Mountain

    Themes: Drama,Romance,Cowboys,married,Yaoi,Tragedy,Violenc e


    The story of two cowboys (Jack and Ennis) who go to work in Wyoming as sheep herders over the summer. Through the experience out there in the elements and the fact that there's only them out there a situation develops. After physically fighting each other - sexual tension is obvious.

    Jack is more forward and wants to have sex- Ennis keeps rejecting him. In the end the sleep together and even love each other. However, neither one is ready to admit it (especially Ennis) as it it severely frowned upon in that society. (Gay bashing-to the point of death occurs)

    The two part ways and get married to women have kids etc- then begin meeting up again. This time they go for "fishing trips" were they are actually just having sex.

    The wives are suspicious and both men ruin their marriages and even their relationship together through their own actions and insecurity.

    They have one final trip together.

    One of them ends up dead. However, the love between them and those trips to brokeback mountain remain forever in the others memory.


    Basically, this movie is full of angst, tension etc but there's also a lot of love. The film highlights homophobia and the fears with in oneself to accept their sexuality. There's also that undeniable and irresistible sexual attraction shown. The main characters continually try to assert their masculinity by fighting and pretending to be straight - they dream of living on a ranch together but are too afraid of what people will do to them- because doing that makes them look gay. These fears are not without reason as Ennis in particular remembers seeing a "gay bashing." the film leaves a few things up to the imagination which is good to help the viewer read between the lines. There's also moments where sexual lust takes over more than love- or even a different kind of love. Like between the men and their wives or between Jack and the prostitutes.

    All in all very very worth the watch probably one of the stand out films in gay cinema. Not to mention the places in it are gorgeous.

    Contains Violence and Straight sex scenes.


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    Re: Brokeback Mountain BL movie review

    I really love this movie

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    Re: Brokeback Mountain BL movie review

    Don't get me started on this movie I will start crying. Oops too late! :''''''(

    It's one of my favourite movies. I love everything about it, the characters, the setting, the decade, the soundtrack. I keep coming back to it again and again, even though it makes me so sad. T^T

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