Aprils Shower

Themes: Drama,Romance,Comedy, Yuri
Country: US(2003)

Opening shot is of Alex slaving over the stove - weeping. When the door bell rings her best friends Vicki arrives, Alex explains through sobs that she doesn't know why she was asked to be maid of honor for April.
She feels that shes being used because she is a chef and has a nice house. As the day goes on a series of eccentric guests show up for the bridal shower. Many things go wrong, from conflicts to "coming outs" to a porn star and a hired dancer, drugs, a pizza guy a fire and much much more. As the day progress a lot is revealed.


Awesome movie so many twists and turns its really worth the watch. Alex has a great character- one that inspires admiration and sympathy.. The film shows that ones reluctance to be their true self can hurt others so much. The other characters bring life and depth to the film. A really enjoyable movie. Has a very happy ending.