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    Title: Otonari-san Chi no Kyoudai Jijou ~Fujie-ke no bai~ Seiyuu: Takatsuka Tomohito x Shirai Yuusuke Released Date: 21/07/2017 Company: Montblanc File format: aiff Link: MEGA Highlight >> Password Hint: (FAMILY'S NAME)-KE Title: Otonari-san Chi no Kyoudai Jijou ~Fujie-ke no bai~ Seiyuu: Nakazawa Masatomo x Enok8 Junya Released Date:15/01/2018 Company: Montblanc File format: aiff Link: MEGA Highlight >> Password Hint: (FAMILY'S NAME)-KE P.S: This makes the last reupload for my previous posts before the forum modification. The passwords are words that I've provided in the CD's info i don't use any words that is not in the post! If you can't figure the hint out, take a look at the titles. Passwords are space and CAP sensitive!!!! Won't be uploading new contents for a while. Good luck! Links will be deleted soon. No more reupload after this. And, don't re-post or re-upload the file or link anywhere unless it's your own purchase. And, no sharing the password! You crack it! Your effort! Good Luck. ^^ If this simple rule is too hard to follow, then, I will refrain from sharing my CDs in the future. ^^
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    Hey everyone! The forum transfer is finally completed, meaning, we are able to post. Some posts do look weird for now, a cron should run and fix the BB Codes. However, we still need to fix some settings here and there, the design, gotta create an ishop, arcade, etc. If anyone notices bugs, please post in here . Sorry everyone for the long wait and thanks for your patience!
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    google drive / mediafire don't repost! [on dlsite]
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    BL Dramas/ BL Live Action Downloads Alphabetical List: Click here
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    Himitsu no Yuuki-san ~ヒミツの結城さん~ Alt. Name: Secret Mr. Yuki Mangaka: KUROI Morry Scans: OniBoku Status: Complete Because my scans have also been posted on other sites without permission, for the moment I'll be sharing them without Extras and Digital/Special pages. If you wish to have the full volume, please feel free to send me a message. Sorry for all the problems that it may cause you TwT; Secret 1 - Secret 5 WaterMarked Version. If you wish to use the scans, please feel free to send me a message, so I can provide you with the original copy of the scans without the water mark
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    LMAO! Me too. Though since you've been beating me to it, I haven't been able to get that rush. LOL! I've finally discovered that option so now that I now how to get to it, I will be practicing. Fufufu~ I'm looking forward to being able to experiment on the spammers. XD
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    I think the moment I spot spammers, I go into combat mode or something. Lol. Actually, you can do more via 'warn user' option. It has several restrictions on it. Practice next time you spot a spammer I used them as my 'lab subjects' X'D
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    . . Hi!!! @auser, @Caru, @Choree, @DarenZen, @KohakuShadow, @MadameX, @Orient, @Panda01, @rainbowman, @R.I.O, @Saga, @Suida
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    . . Hi @ThatSexyUsui
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    Title: Konya ga Kitto Shounenba Original: 今夜がきっと正念場 Author: Actus Year: 2003 (?) Download: link
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    "Well, it's not like you actually have to believe me." Adachi huffed under his breath. He came from a family of priests and priestesses, of god killers, and spirit hunters. He had only heard of tales, but nothing very exciting... Though, his mother always told him to "never anger the spirits. They're in pain and they cannot depart. Be kind and gentle." But what the hell! How is he supposed to be kind and gentle to a spirit that literally runs backwards and is bent!? And when they flash at him from nowhere. There HAD to be some kinda limit to this. Some kinda unknown and unspoken rule in between the living and the dead. Fucking hell, he hoped he could call his mother right now. He nearly missed out what Alexei said, but he managed to catch the last part. His hands stopped fiddling with drawers and papers for a second and he started to feel cold sweat on his back. "Are you listening to yourself right now?" A brief pause, just in case if Alexei hadn't exactly caught up on what he just had suggested. "Like, are you? Because that plan sounds like the EXACT OPPOSITE of what we should do." He hated to admit it, but when he played video games, the dumbest ass ideas were always the ideas that lead towards the good end of the game. Like going into the basement of Mr. Barrows' mansion in Clock Tower. How was that going to lead into a good ending anyway!? For a brief while - as his mind wandered to Alexei mentioning that they might be dead too - he looked at his hands and as if to confirm it, his hand reached out and caressed Alexei's cheek. Upon contact, Adachi looked almost surprised, if not baffled. "Huh..." He'd never touched Alexei before this - aside from fisticuffs and beat ups - but all of a sudden, the comforting feeling of another human was... nice. As soon as he realized that he had something weird as hell, he pulled away. "Well, looks like we're still tangible beings." And with that, he started to look for what they needed. He didn't find anything interesting, even after what seemed like a long moment of silence. Nothing jumped out at him, spirit, or otherwise. He furrowed his eyebrows briefly in frustration as they went through the very last of the files that the nurses station had. "Nope... nothing. A dead end." He sighed out loudly and leaned onto one of the desks at the nurses station. "Plenty of files, years, pictures and numbers, but no mention of mutilation whatsoever. Unless cutting with intention of suicide was any part of it... Highly doubt it tho." He turned to look at Alexei who didn't seem to have found anything more interesting. "I hate to say it, but... I think we need to go to the basement." He didn't know which he hated more; agreeing with the blonde or knowing they had to go down to the basement. Adachi stalled as much as he could, ensuring they had ANYTHING interesting and necessary that they'd found and making sure - double, triple, - that they had the prepared weapons. After that, he left he nurses station (with a loud creak of the door) and steps that sounded just as loud in the empty corridor. He had no memory of the map and where they were, but he knew he regretted not taking it with. It would've helped their sorry asses a bunch. Instead, they wandered around, peering into rooms and eventually finding a step of stairs going downstairs. Adachi felt extremely antsy, for a while nothing had jumped at them, there was no steps following them, there was no spooky noises from the rooms, nothing. It was just him, and Alexei, and this empty hospital... mental ward... thing.
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    vol 02 ch12 re-up vol 02 ch13 re-up link to chapter 14 working vol 02 ch15 vol 03 ch16 vol 03 ch17 vol 03 ch18
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