1. BlxxdyButterfly

    1. What do you love/hate about EXO? Which did you love before they became one unit, EXO-M or EXO-K?

    2. Who is your favorite Member? Were you sad to see Tao, Kris, or Lunhan leave?
    Each of the members profiles are here

    3. Who do(did) you ship together?

    4. What EXO song is your current fave?

    Remember when they stuck to their debut story about having powers? It was so so neat when they appeared on on Weekly Idol and did the funny effects (so embarrassing too).
  2. KTgay
    1. idk why i love them.
    i hate them when chinese member leave exo.
    Exo M.

    2. Kris? Omg when he staring at you, you can’t move.. and you feel naked LOL *whatthe?

    3. KrisTao and Sulay

    4. Two moon still the best
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