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  1. NicholiDeSchidor
    Greeting's Fellow Roleplayer's and New Roleplayers!
    Nicholi here, I have decided to help those that have this huge question. "How can I make my post's better, and lengthen them to better a roleplay?!" Well, no fear! I know, things may look scary with a huge wall of text. But trust me, we will get there and you will start to understand how to look at a roleplay and decipher how to tackle a new post.

    For now, My name is Nicholi and I have been a roleplayer for 9+ years now. So I have a lot under my belt. Yes, I know what your asking. Was I one of those "embarrassing" one liners back when I started? The answer is yes. I too had made the mistake of jumping into a roleplay without thinking things through. That and all I was thinking back then was the juicy parts of a roleplay. That is fun and all, but over the years I have found it more satisfying when things are drawn out. Character development is also a key to roleplaying. So for now, I will leave that hanging in the air.

    Also, If anyone wishes to contribute a tutorial. They are welcome to do so in a new thread.

  2. Kid Flash
    Kid Flash
    Hi there! I'm Kid Flash and I've been role playing for awhile though I was out of the loop for a few years. I'd like to get better and refine my skills as I can post a paragraph at times but I mostly do 4-8 lines. I'd like to be able to do maybe one or two paragraphs tops. I find I'm more straight to the point when I post as compared to some who write more emotionally. I'd like to be able to do both.
  3. Cryptconfessions
    Hi! Cryptconfessions here~ I've been role playing for a year now. I'd like to have a better role playing skills. I usually post a paragraph with 4-6 lines and I would like to have a better skills on it. I like to be able to write more emotionally since I do more of a descriptive type of writing.

    I hope to learn a lot here!
  4. nalykitten
    Hi, Naly. I'm a moderator for an ongoing tabletop group (10+year at GM) and creator of an invitation-only rp group based on our GURPs and D&D games. Currently I rp in google docs in several fandom and oc pairings, the longest is a 9 year 'relationship'. I'm always looking to improve and to find new people to play with and new roleplay characters. (as long as they aren't just looking to pwp)
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