Akane-sensei's classroom

  1. Akane Hiroshima
    Akane Hiroshima
    Welcome kiddies
  2. LewietheLeprechaun
    *raises hand* Hey Akane-sensei! Under what circumstances could it be socially acceptable to hit a girl?
  3. Akane Hiroshima
    Akane Hiroshima
    Bwahahahaha!! Why I don't quite know
  4. LewietheLeprechaun
    Hahaha! I guess that makes sense. Most people wouldn't. *sweat drops* Oh! *raises hand again* Hey Akane-sensei! What are we going to be learning under your esteemed tutelage? *insert cocky grin, yes, yes I can use fancy words*
  5. Akane Hiroshima
    Akane Hiroshima
    How to be bad ass punks. Jk, jk!
  6. Akane Hiroshima
    Akane Hiroshima
    No student of mine will be a punk. But you'll still be bad ass!
  7. LewietheLeprechaun
    Whoop, whoop!! Our asses will be bad! Haha! Yup, I manage to make all the cool words and phrases just plain awkward and sad. Haha.
  8. Akane Hiroshima
    Akane Hiroshima
  9. Little Dream
    Little Dream
    *Sits in a desk quietly reading my book*
  10. LewietheLeprechaun
    *slides up next to Dream smoothly* Watch'ya reading?
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