Ukes!~Who do you like? :D

  1. SasuNaruLove
    Hello there!~ <3 I just thought that I should make a new group because I love Yaoi, and I love ukes too! :hamtaro-005 (4):

    Okay, so this thread is about ukes, right? ^^
    So I thought I'll start it off with some questions~and you can answer them if you want, provide your own opinion, etc!

    Question Number 1: So, you like Yaoi! Alright! What's your favourite uke out of any Yaoi couple you like, and why?

    Question Number 2: Do you like innocent ukes, or any other type of ukes, like the Sadistic uke, or the Mashochist uke? (An uke who enjoys pain as pleasure. )

    *flails arms* Ahh~my mind's blank-but please feel free to ask me any questions, or even anything Yaoi related-I'd love to answer!
  2. tiger lily
    tiger lily
    I enjoy all kimds of yaoi plus I love anime so I' m mot really objective to any anime form or style.:hamtaro-005 (5):
  3. tiger lily
    tiger lily
    .1.I enjoy all kinds of yaoi plus I love anime so I' m not really objective to any anime form or style.:hamtaro-005 (5)::hamtaro-005 (4)::hamtaro-005 (23): 2. I really enjoy all types really, but I,m really fond of the innocent ones. and I love to draw anime , it's my passion,and I have already drawn Gravatations Shuichi Shindo with the guy he loves, Eiri Yuki. They were sooo cute together so I was totally inspired. (sorry,I have a tendancy to go off topic, but I really enjoy watching yaoi , it's totally amaaassssiiiinnnngggg!!!!!!!!!! When I had gotten accepted to join yo ,I was mojorly excited!!!!!)
  4. tiger lily
    tiger lily
    I enjoy all kinds of yaoi plus I love anime so I' m not really objective to any anime form or style.:hamtaro-005 (5)::hamtaro-005 (4)::hamtaro-005 (23):
  5. tiger lily
    tiger lily
    :hamtaro-005 (23):Sorry for entering 3 of almost the same posts , but I was typing in the dark and Icould barely see what I was doing!!!!! I tried to erase the ones that were repeating the first sentence but I couldn't do it. Once again I'm apoligising, sorry.:hamtaro-005 (8)::hamtaro-005 (5):
  6. blinky38
    1 I could never pick a favorite uke, but some of my favorites off the top of my head are Onodera Ritsu, Shuichi Shindou and Misaki Takahashi. I prefer the innocent type, but I'd prefer them to have a bit of a latent wild side if you get what I'm saying; I wouldn't want someone to just lie there the whole time crying and blushing (the blushing is crazy cute though). In reality I'm a 'top' but I wouldn't classify myself as a seme, I'm not as aggressive or whatever. Although, I might be ok with being an uke lol. My ideal man would be Ritsu, Shuichi or Ichigo Kurosaki (yes I know he's not an uke, seme or even involved in any yaoi but still lmao). I hope I didn't like cross a line of oversharing just now lol, if so then gomennasai, I'll watch myself next time haha :P
  7. FreeUke
    my favourite uke's are characters i act like with my best friend. eg Rufus Uke! Reno Seme! (final fantasy vii), Xigbar Uke! Saix Seme! (Kingdom Hearts).
    I do love to read fanfiction made for them (with what little there are for XigSaix), but my favourite ways of yaoi is pictures, and rpg chats with my best friend. Full. On. Yaoi. We have that the characters are together. Even kind of act like them in person.
  8. cat_greenmoon
    1. I love yaoi and anime...Let's see some of my favorite uke's....Naruto (SasuNaru rocks!), Sora (big RikuSora fan from KH), Roxas (AkuRoku is awesomeness!), Misaki (Junjou Romantica - he's just so adorable), hm....there's a bunch of others, and I just can't think of any right now.....
    2. Innocent uke's are the best! (although that might be slightly biased cause I'm an innocent uke myself....) They're so adorable and shy and just awwww!!!!!!!
  9. cat_greenmoon
    OMG I completely forgot Italy (Hetalia) and Ritsuka (Loveless)!
  10. Kantaro
    My fav ukes are shuichi (gravitation) and ayase (no money) they are both so cute and my friends say i act like them naturally
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