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Three Nick Nowak Mysteries Novel

Novel: Three Nick Nowak Mysteries

Author: Marshall Thornton

Genres: Mystery

Released: November 1st 2009

Part of Book Series: Boystown #1

Summary: Finalist for the Lambda Award in Gay Mystery, Boystown: Three Nick Nowak Mysteries takes place in Chicago during the early 1980s. Haunted by his abrupt departure from the Chicago Police Department and the end of his relationship with librarian Daniel Laverty, Nick Nowak is a beat cop-turned-dogged private investigator. In this first book of the series, Nick works through three cases: a seemingly simple missing persons search, an arson investigation, and a suicide that turns out to be anything but. While working the cases, Nick moves through a series of casual relationships until he meets homicide detective Bert Harker and begins a tentative relationship.

Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the novel.

What was good:
– the charming bastard of a main character. Yes, he isn’t perfect, in fact, he is very imperfect, but that’s just made him that much more interesting for me.
– the main character who exclusively tops. You wouldn’t think it’s such a big deal, until I went through my reading list and realized there isn’t a single book quite like it. We mostly read about bottoming or at best, reversing, so it was refreshing.
– the mysteries. Short, not too dragged-out, but at times surprising. They’re also quite dark, and a few times I felt quite bad for the victims.The book does a great job of making you care about the side characters even if they only get a two-three sentence description.
– the mood. Again – pretty dark, but the book is only better for it.
– multiple partners. It’s a plus for me. Well, up to a certain point. Which leads me to…

What was bad:
– every single gay guy in this book is down-to-fuck two minutes into meeting our main character.
– every single gay guy in this book DOES get fucked by our main character.
– pretty much every single person we meet is gay.
Yep, I enjoy the sex scenes as much as the next person, but at some point it’s just hard to believe. You would think that I’m exaggerating here, but I swear to you, I can’t remember a single gay guy that we didn’t get a sex scene with. It got both too much and too unbelievable.
– and yes, this book is set before the whole HIV-scare. Which means no condoms were used over the course of this book. I cringed so hard while reading, and I’m honestly pretty concerned about our MC’s health. I know the HIV discovery will play part in the story in later books in the series, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if our main character has it. That will certainly be a bummer.

The verdict:
It’s good, and I will definitely continue reading the series, but I certainly realize that not a lot of people would enjoy it. If you don’t mind multiple partners, lack of the actual love story, lots of scenes of (unprotected) sex, depressing (at times) mysteries and the main character who doesn’t give two shits about being liked, then you’re certainly in for a treat.

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