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Three More Nick Nowak Mysteries Novel

Novel: Three More Nick Nowak Mysteries

Author: Marshall Thornton

Genres: Mystery

Released: July 28th 2010

Part of Book Series: Boystown #2

Summary: The Boystown Mystery series continues as Chicago private investigator Nick Nowak finds himself involved in three new cases. He’s asked to help a young man who murdered his stepfather but refuses to assist in his own defense, hired to find the murderer of a dead porno star, and, in a case that traps him between the two men he loves, must search for a serial killer’s only living victim. Set in the second half of 1981, Nick juggles his deepening relationship with Detective Bert Harker with the return of his ex, Daniel Laverty. Which man will he choose? Or will he be able to choose?

Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the novel.

Book two is as good as the first one, and also has the same flaws.

What was good:

– continuity. Book 2 starts off pretty much right where the first one left off, and it does a great job of keeping things consistent. We’re often reminded of the events of the first books, without the annoying recaps that many other authors clumsily put in. I think it was done great.
– no magical monogamy “fixes”. No matter the fact that our main character is finally in a relationship, he didn’t turn into a devoted monogamous lover overnight, like again, so many other authors make their characters do. I was equally invested in both his messed up relationship, and his side swings, and I would definitely call it a win.
– the mysteries. I love that they’re short, different and engaging. You don’t get bored while reading them.

What was bad:

– the formula didn’t change much from the first book: every witness is gay, every gay guy is attracted to our mc, and the mc doesn’t fail to deliver the mind-blowing sex every time. Well, there was this one time the protagonist refused (!) to have sex. Oh well, he compensated it by sleeping with the straight guy in the next chapter. What can I say, the power of his dick is strong.
But it doesn’t annoy as much as it did in the first book. I just decided to roll with it and enjoy the ride.

The Verdict:

Those who didn’t like the first book will not change their mind reading this one, because it follows exactly the same pattern. As for me, I’m already getting ready to read the third one.

What’s your opinion on Three More Nick Nowak Mysteries novel? Please let us know in the comments below.

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