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Request Rules [ please read!]

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Requesting Rules



  • You need 15 posts to request a signature, else your thread will be closed.
  • You may request only signatures and avatars, which you can use on YaoiOtaku, but no banners, buttons or anything else for your blog/forum etc. You can talk privately about this requests, if someone agrees to help you.
  • You can request banners for YaoiOtaku clubs, but please post the needed information.
  • Please +rep the person who helps you or donate a Card or Points if you want.


How to request?


Please use the model below when requesting, to make things easier for the artists as well:


*EDIT: If you request a set directly in a specific artist thread, please use instead the application form provided by that specific artist.

Stock: - insert image you want to use for your siganture/avatar, but please use the "spoiler-tag" function.

Type: - avatar/signature/banner

Size: - the size you want for it; keep in mind that the max.

  • signature size allowed is 500x300
  • avatar 150x150
  • banner 500x500

so the images won't look disproportionated and ruin the YO image.

Colors: - if you have a favorite color which you'd want to be used.

Text: - if you have some quote you'd like to be used.





We agreed to this terms because it wouldn't be fair for someone to only register in order to request something and then vanish. And most likely, it wouldn't be fair to create public works for the sake of other blogs/forums, those things can be discussed privately and for sure the YO Artists will be kind and give a hand if they can.

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