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History: Hitoshi is coming back to school after half year,but he is finding that in his

class have a new boy - Sano Ichiro. Sano is a hooligan and don't care what the others are thinking about him.

But one night after a big fight Sano was find by Hitoshi.Narayama helped to Ichiro and they go to Narayama's house.

And after that night,their story begin.


Chapters: 14.


Status: Complete.


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History: It's a story about few detectives and one young boy,who is the key for a big case - Hwanhee's dead.

Ji Woo have to find that boy (Kim Seung-Woo) and to protect him,because the Korean mafia and the police want him dead. Why? Because Seung know too much about them.

In the same time the Japanese detective Otabe Mikado (who is Hwanhee's friend) want to find what really happened two years ago,when his friend and Ji Woo had a mission to find out for who are working some Korean mafia guys.But in the end they understand that these guys are working with the police in Korea.

Now two years later Mikado reopen this case again,going to find Ji Woo,but if he would be able to catch him?

What really happened that day,when Hwanhee died and if he really died?

Who is in real boy Kim Seung-Woo? And why the Korean police is afraid of him?


Chapters: 12.


Status: Ongoing.

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