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♫Melody Rose♫~ A music romance~

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Status: Discontinued

Summary: They fell for each other after overhearing one another play the piano.





I saw you in the music room,

Looking like an angel playing the key board.


You took my breath away,

And left nothing behind expect for my fast beating heart.


With your beauty shining brightly,

Your eyes filled with happiness as you play to your hearts content.- Me



The first time I played piano it was when I was five year's old. My mother taught me how to play it, it would always bring a smile to her face to see me play... God bless her soul... When I turned eleven I stopped playing all together. My mother was the one I would play for. I loved her smiling at me when I hit a right note and then when I would hit a wrong note she would just pat me on the head and told me that I will get it next time.


But after her death I never went near the thing ever again. Every single time I would walk pass it or look at it my heart would sink and tears would come to my eyes. But after I became a father at the young age of 20 my life changed. My whole sulking over my mother's death was behind and all that matter then was my beautiful healthy baby boy. As six years went by I noticed one day coming home from work, I heard a beautiful melody. I froze and realized that it was the piano that I used to play with my mother. That made me drop my briefcase and I kicked off my shoes before I ran into the family room and saw a scene that brought me down on my knees.


My son Joel and my wife were at the piano playing... Laughing and singing... My heart stopped... It reminded me of my own mother and me playing. My eyes watered as a soft smile came across my face when I saw my son look over at me and smile widely showing that he was missing some front teeth. I couldn't help but laugh at his futile attempt at a toothy grin.


That was the first time in a long time that I had smiled a true smile and laugh a genuine laugh, it truly was a happy moment that I would never forget.

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