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Jin's RPG Catalog.

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- Active RP's

- In love and War (Empecool×Arawn_Bheur×Jin)

- Dare you to try (Saga×Jin)

- The joys of growing up (AkiraVadel×Jin)

- Curiouser and Curiouser (AkiraVadel×Vampireluvr97×Jin)

- Enemy/Rival (AkiraVadel×Jin)



- less active RP's

- Ga'Ma (ガマ) (Group)



- Dropped RP's

- Sweet Love Triangle (Empecool×Yaoiloverfangirl×Jin)

- Making little castles in the sand~ (iMarionette×Jin)

- It's elementary, my dear. (Rainaria×Jin)



- Finished/Dead RP's

- Food, bath or me? (Empecool×Jin)

- Red vs. Blue (Group)

- Yaoi RP with Jin (sexy name) (Jin×Dogcatfish×Yaoiloverfangirl)

- 「ロクッデ!!」band love. (Group)


Thats some shit of allot RP's...

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